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Choose the Right Tile for the Right Room

When you’re ready to transform various facets of your home, you can be confident to add beauty with tile. Tiles offer myriad options for every room’s style, size, and functionality.

Bathrooms, kitchens, and all living spaces come with unique demands. With so many choices, from glass to ceramic to metal tiles, finding the right finish can be daunting. Ahead, we explore different options and which areas they’ll be most efficient.

  • Bathroom and kitchen backsplashes

Make an eye-catching statement with Black and White Hexagon Polished Glass Mosaic Tile.

Longevity and durability alone make tile a fantastic choice for the home. Their resistance to stains, moisture, and mold benefits wet areas. Plus, they are easy to wipe clean should you encounter splatters and spills.

Ceramic and porcelain come in a variety of beautiful hues and finishes. Natural stone delivers so much flair but requires a little more care and regular sealing. Bathrooms and kitchens look spectacular with a glass backsplash tile.

The iridescent quality of glass adds plenty of pizzazz in ways that elevate interiors from purely functional to extraordinary. A myriad of colors, textures, and shapes allow for an artful touch that resonates with your unique taste.

  • Shower walls and floors

Explore Silken Glossy Green Ceramic Square Tile for a striking shower accent.

Slip resistance and proper slope are important considerations in the design of shower floors. And dainty mosaic pieces achieve just that. There are more grout lines present to create better gripping texture underfoot.

Water-resistant mosaics add a surprising detail yet fit seamlessly with all sorts of interior styles. Whether it’s the luminescent glow of glass or the enduring appeal of ceramic, each brings a unique charm that anchors the room’s design

  • Powder rooms and small spaces

The reflective quality of Gray Polished Glass, Metal, Stone Marble Uniform Squares Wall Tile lends a shiny glow that brightens the room.

When designing spaces with a petite footprint, tile size is crucial. The wrong size can make the room feel even more cramped. Don’t be afraid to go big! Contrary to what many might think, large tiles make a great impact in small spaces.

Due to fewer and thinner grout lines, the seamless finish creates a sense of spaciousness. For this approach to work, ensure wall and floor tile sizes are complementary. The difference in proportion will upset the flow of your space.

If small tiles are up your alley, we recommend them as a wall feature. Choosing geometric mosaics sets the stage right for an exciting design. This captivating punch takes attention away from the size of the room. Consider a high-gloss finish for powder rooms and compact spaces.  The reflective quality of metal and glass wall tile lends a shiny glow that brightens the room.

  • Living rooms and bedrooms

Cozy up alcoves or fireplace surrounds with the beauty of Antiek Glossy Black Ceramic Subway Tile.

Living room floors are exposed to daily wear and tear from foot traffic and falling objects. For longevity, pet-friendliness, and low care, porcelain is a great choice. Bedroom and living room tile should be cohesive with the surrounding elements so that the comforting nature of the space is kept in abundance.

Tiles in neutral shades—white, beige, brown, and gray—are great for the ultimate tranquil space you can unwind in at the end of the day. Evoke warmth with wood-look porcelain tile without the hassle or expense. Introduce a natural touch with stone-look tiles. And for a sense of luxury, marble-look tiles add an alluring twist.

Fireplaces surrounds and nooks become the star of the room with a stylish tile design. Choose from gorgeous porcelain, ceramic, marble, or glass tiles. Mosaic patterns like herringbone or hexagon create a contemporary edge.

  • Outdoor spaces

Splendor Matte White Porcelain Mosaic Tile imparts a characterful touch.

Creating enchanting outdoor spaces is possible with the incredible strength of porcelain. It is versatile, hardwearing, moisture- and slip-resistant, and can withstand changing temperatures.

Explore all the possibilities: wood, stone, and brick looks. Porcelain also covers everything from striking mosaic pieces to expansive slabs and every size in between. Used on patios, garden paths, and pool surrounds, the effect is stunning.

Mosaic glass tiles are an exceptional choice for swimming pools. A unique blend of style and durability makes for an eye-catching pool interior and waterline.

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