Cryptocurrency Will Sponsor the ELF Winners Vienna Vikings To “Make the Crypto Lifestyle Accessible To All”

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The latest partnership between Choise .com and the Vienna Vikings has been making headlines throughout the day. A few hours earlier, the innovative crypto platform announced in its blog that it would provide support to the most dominant American club in Europe during the 2023 season of the European League of football (ELF). is the first crypto firm to try and tap into the engaged audience of American football fans in Europe. Last year, there was a continuous spree of blockchain sponsorships empowering teams from the U.S. National Football League (NFL). But Choise .com made a bet on its European counterpart, the ELF, now experiencing a huge wave of popularity.   

The Vienna Vikings, an invincible American football club from Austria, is best known for winning last year’s ELF title, five Eurobowl titles, and fifteen Austrian Bowl titles. The team is currently taking part in the 2023 season where they have remained undefeated for five weeks in a row. 

Speaking exclusively to The CryptodailyTM, the Choise .com CEO Vladimir Gorbunov said that the Viennese club’s accomplishments “assure a strong presence” for his company in the long run. By collaborating with the Vikings, Choise .com will be able to benefit from their notable affluence in Europe and deliver its services to the extensive fan base of American football in the most efficient way.

When asked about the company’s motives for securing the partnership, Gorbunov declared:

“The overriding objective of creating such an alliance is to help as many people as possible to understand crypto banking through the use of products with seamless experience. This is exactly what we took into account when joining forces with the Vienna Vikings. By jumping into the sports sponsorship race, got an excellent opportunity to make the crypto lifestyle accessible to all.”

Also worth noting is that Choise .com’s convergence with the unshakable ELF champion adds to a slew of deals between sports rights holders and crypto platforms despite all the “crypto winter” repercussions. While sports brands are concerned by the possible financial and reputational risks that “unstable” crypto advertisers can pose to their industry, the Vienna Vikings demonstrate their confidence in the new sponsor. According to Vladimir, this “serves as a sign of credibility” that the entire crypto domain lacks so far. 

As part of cooperation, Choise .com will improve the Vikings’ ongoing presence in three aspects: the team’s form, social media, and stadium branding. The deal will also apply to the company’s Crypterium cards, the offering that caters to over 50,000 clients across 30 European countries. Choise .com contemplates creating a set of exclusive designs featuring the Viennese club and its players, so that the fans can get a customized crypto card for making purchases at Visa-accepting merchants. 

Whether the platform will execute any other joint initiatives remains to be seen. However, Gorbunov felt excited by good prospects for partnership expansion: 

“On the side, we see enormous potential for our cooperation in many spheres. The NFT market is a fairly promising direction to consider, given that non-fungible tokens are the most common point of contract between crypto and sports.”

As a big fan of American football himself, Vladimir Gorbunov even did a symbolic coin toss before the Vienna Vikings’ first 2023 ELF game against the Leipzig Kings. His son also took part in the opening ceremony, which was a touching moment for everyone who saw it in person or on TV. 

The Vikings then won a crushing victory with a score of 47-14, giving the atmosphere of a grandiose holiday to both the fans and the Choise .com team. Since then, the team have scored 4 consecutive wins in a row, including their last victory of +29 over the Fehervar Enthrodes. 

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