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Conventional air conditioners have been in existence for years. It’s known for cooling the environment, it’s used in homes and offices. It’s costly, larger and heavy and can only be fixed to a particular spot and a professional. This is available to the financially buoyant. Getting a good night rest of sleep is usually almost impossible in the summer due to high generation of heat. It doesn’t just make your night restless but also leaves some rashes or skin irritation for individuals with highly sensitive skin. Inorder to overcome this, a US company known for its expertise over the years decided to design a portable, light weight, efficient and most importantly affordable cooling system. It doesn’t just cool, it humidifies and filters the the air and the interesting part about this innovative device is that you can use it anywhere and anytime. This innovative device is Known as ChillWellPortable AC for indoor use . It’s suitable for homes, offices, and it can be used as a personal fan to keep you cool and cozy always. It’s also very easy to use and maintain. 

What Is ChillWell?

ChillWell is a personal, and portable air conditioning system that keeps you chill all day long using hydro chill technology. It can be used as an air cooler, air cleaner, a common fan, and a humidifier for dry air alleviation. It was designed to help suppress heat during summer and give a chilling, relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. The issue  of cost has been a major challenge in purchasing conventional air conditioning system which is why ChillWell was designed to give you comfort while saving up. It’s a nice substitute for large air-conditioning systems which are costly, occupy so much space, and require an expert for installation and high cost of maintenance. 

While using Chill Well AC you don’t need to bother about your electricity bill skyrocketing because it has a high energy saving capacity. It’s so portable that it can be used anywhere, be it a room, an office or even a classroom, requires low maintenance and it’s very easy to manage. It’s basic functions are; air cleaning, fan, air conditioning, and purification of air in an immediate area or environment.

ChillWell comes with an easy to use interface and the set up is very simple. Anyone who hasn’t used a similar gadget before should have no issues in using Chill Well coolers. Today, it is selling only on the official website 

Features Of ChillWell 

ChillWell has unique features that makes it extremely and exceptionally outstanding in the marketplace. These features are given below:

Dry air alleviation: it’s makes the air humid which is why it is also referred to as a humidifier.

High chilling efficiency: it begins to cool at about 30seconds of turning it on, it humidifies, conditions, and cleans the air making it relaxing and comfortable.

It has four (4) different fan speeds (low, medium, high and turbo) which are responsible for a perfect desired comfort by letting the user pick the speed, degree of coolness of his or her choice at a particular time.

It’s portable, lightweight and compact.

It’s very effective, performs it’s functions without causing environmental disruptions like noise.

It’s rechargeable using the provided USB charging spot. It can also be charged using a laptop, power bank, or from wall socket outlet.

It has an adjustable vent for controlling the direction of air flow. The adjustable vent helps change the direction of air flow either upwards or downwards, this feature is attributed to the adjustable louvered blade.

Energy saving capacity: while using Chillwell AC you don’t need to worry about energy consumption because it has low energy consumption rate.

Easy-fill reservoir: it doesn’t need freon gas. It has a water tank that takes up to 550ml and is capable of lasting for atleast 8hrs. This water tank is easy to fill and with the help of the replaceable cartridge, the moisture evaporates which results to cooling. You can decide to add a scent or fragrance of your choice into the water tank, during evaporation the scent circulates the room.

It has a high quality battery of 2000mAh. 

It has a LED night light chamber ( blue, red, white, teal, purple, yellow, green). One color can be selected and it can be put in cycle mode.

ChillWell has a 3-in-1 versatility which are; air cooling, humidifying and air filtration.

Chill Well air Cooler has a sleek design which makes it blend in with the decoration of an environment.

How To Use a ChillWell: Three Easy Steps.

Using a Chill Well AC is very simple and straightforward. Anyone who hasn’t used it before should have no issues in using the handy gadget. 

Here are the three steps:

  1. Unbox your order, remove everything, including the user manual, charging cable.
  2. Fill the reservoir with cooled water, if possible filled with ice and add some fragrance
  3. Insert the cooling cartridge, and turn it on.

ChillWel will start cooling instantly, approximately, within 30 seconds. 

Functions Of ChillWell 

It performs varieties of amazing functions which distinguish it from similar products in the marketplace. It functions as a humidifier, air conditioner and air filter.

ChillWell As A Humidifier: It moisturizes the air especially during summer and revitalizes the atmosphere by increasing moisture content on air. Low humidity levels can cause dry skin, irritated nasal passage and respiratory problems. Humidifying the atmosphere relieves symptoms of allergies and asthma as the amount of dust and allergens in the atmosphere reduces. It also prevents damage to wooden furniture, flooring, improves air quality and comfort level of the indoor environment.

ChillWell Portable Ac As An Air Conditioner: It works by taking in warm air from the atmosphere, removing heat and moisture from the air and returning cool dry air into the room.

ChillWell As An Air Filter:  it captures dirts and debris from outside air. It cleans the air that circulates through the heating and cooling system. This helps in protecting the eyes, throat and lungs from foreign particles. It filters air to about 99%.

How Does ChillWell Work

The working principle of a Chill Well is based on evaporation technology. It requires no technical know how and is easy to maintain. It works by placing water or ice in the water tank and then the device is turned on to a desired speed. It draws in warm air from the surrounding and passes it through a water filter before releasing it as a cool breeze. It’s worthy of note that the temperature of the water is a determinant of the degree of coolness to be obtained. Best results are obtained when the AC is placed on a flat surface. Frequent cleaning and replacement of the filters is adviced inorder to maintain a good working condition of the device.

Benefits Of Using ChillWell Portable Air Conditioner

  • It’s portable and efficient, and can be easily moved from one place to another.
  • It saves energy and consumes less electricity.
  • It’s very easy to set up, maintain and use.
  • It perfectly cools and humidifies air.

Who Is a ChillWell Portable AC For?

Are you looking for an affordable but yet efficient and easy solution to heat if the summer, then, chillWell Cooler is for you. It’s portable, lightweight and a go for any individual. It can be used in offices, households, classroom by students. It keeps you co and rejuvenated. It’s very affordable and compact compared to the conventional air conditioner, consumes less energy and requires no technical know how or expertise for it’s usage.

Using ChillWell Portable AC  is completely safe and has no side effects. It performs its functions without causing any disturbance or noise of any sort and can be used by anyone and anywhere. It was designed to be convenient and easy to use with a 3-in-1 versatility. It comes with an overheat protection.

ChillWell has the highest and latest quality technology for high cooling performance. It was built by a US company known for their expertise in manufacturing, maintenance, installation and repair of cooling systems. They have high level of experience and are well known for provision of high quality services to their customers. It’s available for purchase on the official website with 55% discount and a 60 day money back guarantee. Currently it has a rating of 4.8 stars on the online store reviews. Just as the name implies, it allows you to chill well all summer long

Advantages Of Using ChillWell AC Unit

  • Rapid cooling effect: it starts cooling in 30 seconds.
  • Easy to use: it comes with a user manual with necessary guidelines. You just charge, refill water tank when necessary and enjoy the cooly and cozy atmosphere.
  • Mobility: it’s portability and lightweight makes it very easy to move with, it can be taken anywhere.
  • Affordability: enjoy cost effective cooling with chillwell wherever you go.
  • Guarantee of satisfaction: it was designed to suite your expectations with a 60-day guarantee.

Disadvantages – ChillWell Reviews

The only disadvantage is that it’s only available on the official website. It’s also advised to buy from the website to avoid scams, getting inferior products in the name of chill well.

ChillWell Cooler is very affordable and is your number one option for getting that chilly, cool, cozy, comforting, and humidified atmosphere this summer. It’s a multi-purpose or multifunctional device. It cools, humidifies, conditions, and filters air, with its customized fan speeds leaving you with the option of choosing the perfect level of coolness you desire. Its primary aim is to help you control the temperature in your office or home, be it in summer or on any hot day. It’s one of the greatest innovations the world has seen in recent times.

Limitations Of ChillWell Portable AC

While It has a lot of advantages, Chill Well still has some limitations that you must consider before making any purchase.

Firstly, Chill Well is a personal space cooler. It doesn’t have enough power to cool down larger places or groups of people. For optimum results, it is advised that each person should own one.

Secondly, ChillWell is not effective when used outdoors. It is recommended to use it only indoors. 

Thirdly, frequent refilling is needed for the desired result. The tank is limited to 550ml and can last for about 8 hours. 

The filter and cooling cartridge need continuous monitoring. The filter is not self-cleaning so more time is spent on cleaning – most especially, for those living in dusty areas. 

Lastly, when used at full capacity, the battery can not last up to 24 hours unlike some custom coolers sold out today.

Return Policy

ChillWell offers easy returns. From the latest information released by the maker, all orders are backed with a 60-day money-back guarantee (full refund, no question asked).

ChillWell AC Prices And Where To Buy

Currently, ChillWell announced a 60% discount on any order from the official website. One unit is selling at $89 and can be purchased from the official website. The company offers other packages as well. 

Shipping And Delivery Of ChillWell AC

All orders are shipped within 5 business days. Shipping charges are calculated at checkout. The package is unique, unlike some similar products you have shopped online.

ChillWell Reviews

These are testimonials or reviews from customers who are already enjoying this innovative technology

“It gets really hot in spitespiteom despite the fan, the classroom is congested, so, I keep myself cool by using my chillWell AC and trust me, my days have been a lot better”……..Sandra

” my daughter gets hot easily, most times I stay up all night because of her constant cry….but chill well chill well we both have the most comfortable night rest”….. Martha


ChillWell is selling like a hotcake again. It is advertised as the coolest way to beat the heat. We are recommending it to anyone looking to keep cool all summer long without breaking the bank. It is compact and extremely lightweight. Can be used from room to room, from office to office and it is transportable as well.

Try it, Chill Well Portable Portable AC is the right deal for you. Visit the official product sales page and claim your discount today.


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