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ChillWell AC 2.0 Reviews Scam Or Legit 2023?

ChillWell AC 2.0 Reviews

Personal AC such as the ChillWell AC 2.0 in the USA, are popular today because they help lower power bills. Additionally, a portable air cooler is the best option when working in an overcrowded office space where you cannot control the room temperature. Personal ACs are easy to maintain and are ideal for small living spaces. Similarly, handy air coolers are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

ChillWell AC 2.0 is a lightweight 2-in-1 cooling device that can make your indoor and outdoor living spaces comfortable and occupiable. Does it work? Is ChillWell AC worth the hype? Continue reading the ChillWell AC reviews to discover all you need to know about the handy AC.

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What is ChillWell AC 2.0? (ChillWell AC 2.0 Reviews)

ChillWell AC 2.0 is intended to provide you with clean, cool, and humid air within a short time. It is sturdy and lightweight, making it ideal for use in the house, office, or outdoors. According to the creator, it serves as a humidifier and rapidly cools your living spaces within a short time.

Compared to traditional air coolers, ChillWell AC 2.0 is easy to maintain, and anyone can install and run it. The creator claims it is designed to chill your space seconds after turning it on. 

The portable AC has two functions: a fan and a humidifier to provide clean and moist air great for your respiratory system. Additionally, ChillWell AC 2.0 makers claim it can help manage sinuses and protect your skin from drying and cracking.

ChillWell AC 2.0 has a compact and aesthetically appealing structure that matches your room décor. Also, the manufacturer states that it consumes less power, therefore, cutting down on utility bills. 

ChillWell AC 2.0 is created to run without making any noise, thus perfect for use in the bedroom or when you are working on something that requires zero noise.

ChillWell AC 2.0 is among the most versatile handy ACs because it has four air cooling settings to select from and according to your preference. ChillWell AC is 100% rechargeable and uses a standard USB-C adapter. For that reason, you can still enjoy cool air even during power blackouts.

How Does a ChillWell AC 2.0 Work? (ChillWell AC 2.0 Reviews)

Conventional air coolers use complicated technology to lower the temperatures. They have inbuilt evaporators that trap hot moisture from the living space leading to a reduction in temperature. 

In short, the traditional ACs cycle the warm air outside to keep the inside cool. However, the evaporation process takes a lot of time and consumes a lot of power.

ChillWell ACs do not remove any moisture from the air. Instead, it comes with a cooling cartridge that humidifies the air while still chilling it. 

The result is cool and moist air that makes breathing easier and protects your skin from getting dry. Additionally, ChillWell ACs aid in trapping dust and dirt particles from the living space, ensuring your breath in clean air.

Most people get dry skin and develop coughs during summers because of the dry air. ChillWell AC 2.0 promises to address these issues by providing users with humid and fresh air throughout the summer. 

Instead of removing moisture from the air, the ChillWell AC 2.0 cooling device provides you with a cool and saturated breeze, allowing you to enjoy summer both inside and outside a building.

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ChillWell AC 2.0 Tech Specifications (ChillWell AC 2.0 Reviews)

Water tank size 550ml

Width 5.71 inches

Length 6.69 inches

Height 6.30 inches

Weight 13.5 oz.

Battery Life

12 hours on low

10 hours on medium

8 hours on high

When the ChillWell AC 2.0 is fully charged, it can run for 3-5 hours depending on humidity levels, current room temperature, and speed setting. However, the maker states that the ChillWell AC 2.0 can last up to 12 hours when the cooling cartridge is full. 

The duration also depends on the room temperature, humidity, and speed setting. Still, it is best to run the ChillWell AC 2.0 device at full speed first, and when you get cool enough, you turn it to low speed.

ChillWell AC 2.0 Features (ChillWell AC 2.0 Reviews)

ChillWell AC 2.0 features have innovative features that set it apart from similar products, including:

ChillWell AC 2.0 is 100 percent portable and cordless

It is energy efficient and promises to help you have significant savings on utility bills.

It is rechargeable and provides up to 8 hours of service when fully charged

ChillWell AC 2.0 cools the air within 30 seconds of turning it on

It has four fan speeds, including turbo, high, medium, and low

It has a sturdy and compact design

ChillWell AC 2.0 is aesthetically appealing and does not interfere with your décor

The Science behind ChillWell AC 2.0 Cooling Device (ChillWell AC 2.0 Reviews)

ChillWell AC 2.0 creator states that the cooling device utilises a modern evaporation technology branded as “Hydro-Chill Technology” to cool and humidify the air. Unlike similar products, ChillWell AC 2.0 has a cooling cartridge that adds to its effectiveness. After soaking the water cartridge, the maker recommends adding it to ChillWell AC 2.0 and running the fan to your desired speed.

Scientific Explanation of how ChillWell AC 2.0 Cools the Air (ChillWell AC 2.0 Reviews)

ChillWell ACs 2.0 have an inbuilt cooling cartridge inside the water tank. The creator recommends that you fill the water tank with water and soak the cartridge for some time. If you need extra chilly and humid air, ChillWell AC 2.0 recommends that you add ice to the water tank. After turning on the AC, it will blast the warm and dry air into the water tank for cooling. 

The evaporation process causes the cooling cartridge to release a cool and satisfying breeze. Scientifically, evaporation only occurs when water is subjected to high heat. Therefore, warm and dry enters one end of the cooling cartridge, and the other end releases a cool and humid breeze.

ChillWell AC has a four-fan speed to allow you to get the right coolness. You can set it at turbo, high, medium, and low speed, depending on your preference.

The Cooling cartridge inside ChillWell AC is made from a spongy material. The manufacturer recommends replacing the cartridge after 1-3 months, depending on how often you use the cooling device. Nonetheless, the ChillWell AC manual does not state when you need to replace the cooling cartridge.

When ChillWell AC 2.0 is running, the higher temperature and low humidity increase the evaporation rates prompting the device to release humid and cool air. The adjustable fan settings allow the users to set the AC to their preferred cooling level.

ChillWell AC 2.0 Features and Benefits (ChillWell AC 2.0 Reviews)

ChillWell AC 2.0 cools and humidifies the living spaces using a sophisticated Hydro-Chill technology. The features of the innovative ChillWell AC include:

Big Savings

Most people get high electric bills every summer. Traditional ACs use a lot of power compared to ChillWell AC 2.0. The portable air cooler is designed to consume less electric power while delivering powerful cooling results. 

ChillWell AC 2.0 is perfect for enjoying an AC at any time of the day without worrying about substantially higher power bills. The handy ChillWell AC also allows you to cool the living spaces in use and not the entire house leading to more savings.

Rapid Cooling Action

Conventional AC is designed to offer cooling to the entire space, including unused spaces. 

However, the ChillWell AC 2.0 works well for cooling just the room you are currently using. Instead of running an AC to cool the whole house, which takes time, ChillWell AC focuses on providing you with cool and humid air within 30 seconds of running it.

Personalised 4-Fan Speed

ChillWell AC 2.0 allows you to set it at either turbo, high, medium, or low. During hot afternoons, you can power it to full blast, i.e., at turbo, while in the evening, you can allow it to run at low speed while offering you moist and cool air as you sleep.

Turbo Cooling Mode

The turbo cooling mode is ideal when you want super coolness. You can add ice cubes to the cooling cartridge if you need to cool the living space faster.

Option of adding Ice Cubes

Not every portable AC allows you to add ice cubes when you want to get colder temperatures. ChillWell AC provides the user to add ice cubes to the cooler tank for the additional cool breeze. 

The frozen cubes lower the device’s temperature, releasing a cold breeze within seconds. The addition of ice cubes is cost-effective because it allows you to reduce the room’s temperature quickly.

Completely Rechargeable

ChillWell AC 2.0 uses rechargeable batteries and is ideal for cooling your living space even when there is a power outage. When fully charged, ChillWell AC 2.0 can offer you service for 8-12 hours. The air cooler is moveable, and you can carry it outside to the camping site, inside your RV, in off-the-grid space, and anywhere with no power outlets.


Traditional air coolers are not easy to run, and not everyone can use them. Nonetheless, ChillWell AC 2.0 is user-friendly and designed to be easy for people of all ages to use. 

The creator states that you can confidently operate the ChillWell AC if you charge your phone. You only need to attach the charging cable, turn it on to your desired speed, and relax. You can turn it off when you are cool enough.

Provides Cool Air within Seconds

The ChillWell AC 2.0 has specifications that allow you to get cool and moist air within seconds. Instead of waiting for the AC to cool the entire living space, the ChillWell AC provides you with a blast of cold and moisturised breeze seconds after turning it on. The maker states it can keep your area cool the entire summer without exaggerating your utility bills.


ChillWell AC 2.0 is energy efficient and provides the user with a cool breeze the entire summer without snapping them with exaggerated power bills. The ChillWell AC allows you to pay for the cooling you need, a smart option for most people.

Night Light

The ChillWell AC 2.0 has an alluring soft night light. You can use the night light to add ambiance to your bedroom or a child’s room. The extra illumination does not hinder you from getting quality sleep.

Perfect for Small Spaces

ChillWell AC 2.0 is best for small living spaces, including a dorm room, office, bedroom, etc. It is also perfect for cooling outdoor spaces like chilling on the porch.

Extra Coolness

ChillWell AC cooling device has a cartridge that amplifies the process of lowering temperatures. The creator recommends pre-soaking the cartridge and putting it in the freezer for extra cool air. Additionally, freezing the cartridge allows you to get a cool breeze for extended periods.

Various LED Light Colors

Most portable ACs have one option of color. The ChillWell AC 2.0 has multiple colors: green, yellow, purple, red, blue, white, blue, and teal.

Easy to Set up and Maintain

A complete HVAC system is costly to install and maintain. The ChillWell AC 2.0 allows you to enjoy a cool breeze without incurring extra installation and maintenance charges. It is the perfect AC for people living on rented premises, students, and others who find conventional ACs cumbersome.

Setting Up and Using ChillWell AC 2.0

ChillWell AC 2.0 is a user-friendly multi-functional device even if you do not have any technical skills. The creator claims that it is easy to use as long as you can plug in your smart device to charge. Additionally, children above ten can comfortably operate the ChillWell AC 2.0 without any fuss.

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How does it work? (ChillWell AC 2.0 Reviews)

Charging System

ChillWell AC 2.0 comes with a separate USB charging cable compatible with all modern power outlets. The manufacturer recommends setting the device on a flat surface for stability, like on top of a desk. Plug the short ending of the USB cable into the charging port on the rear side of the AC. Then, plug the larger end of the USB cable into the USB power adaptor similar to the one you use on tablets and smartphones.

You can also charge the ChillWell AC 2.0 using a computer or laptop; thus perfect when you are on the go and off the grid. When charging, the charging light flickers, and when it turns solid, it indicates the system is fully charged. According to the ChillWell AC 2.0 manual, the device does not come with a USB power adaptor, but it is compatible with laptops or computer ports.

Setting up ChillWell AC 2.0 (ChillWell AC 2.0 Reviews)

ChillWell AC 2.0 Reviews

ChillWell AC 2.0 Reviews

Remove the cooling cartridge from the ChillWell AC device using the drawer tab. You can pre-soak the cartridge under cold running water, or if you desire extra coolness, you can place the wet cartridge in the freezer. When done, place the cooling cartridge back in the system’s drawer. Then, fill the ChillWell AC 2.0 water tank up to the 550ml mark. ChillWell AC 2.0 recommends adding ice cubes to the water tank for maximum coolness.

Using ChillWell AC 2.0

There is a fan button that you manually operate to turn on the AC. The fan speed automatically selects the high-speed mode, but you can adjust it to your preferred coolness. ChillWell AC 2.0 user’s manual explains that you press the fan button twice to enter median mode and thrice for the low mode. If you want it to enter the turbo mode, you should press the + sign button for optimal fan speed and cooling. Chilwell AC 2.0 has an air direction tab that you can use to adjust airflow.

The snowflake button controls the cooling output. You have the option of choosing the low or high cooling modes.

ChillWell’s AC 2.0 light color button is indicated as “sun” At a press of a button, you can choose the colors you prefer from a choice of seven colors.

Maintenance and Storage

ChillWell AC recommends cleaning the cartridge at least once a week to keep it in optimal working condition. You can place the cartridge on the top rack in your dishwasher and wash it regularly. Similarly, you can use warm water and dishwashing soap to clean it by hand. Also, you can microwave the cartridge on high for up to two minutes to clean it.

Cleaning the cooling cartridge protects it from getting mould. Should the ChillWell AC cartridge acquire mould, the maker recommends soaking it in vinegar and water in a 50:50 ratio for about one hour. Similarly, if you notice a musty smell coming from the AC, it means the cartridge requires cleaning.

ChillWell AC is easy to store. If you want to put it away for extended periods, empty the unit and dry it thoroughly. After that, please place it in the original package and put it away until the next warm season.

About ChillWell AC

ChillWell AC Where created by a US-based firm known as Ontel Products Corporation. The company is known for producing a wide range of household devices. You can contact the customer service team via:

Phone: 888-998-6324


Mailing address: 21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004

ChillWell Air Cooler Pricing (ChillWell AC 2.0 Reviews)

ChillWell AC is only available via the official website The air cooler company is currently offering discounts of up to 55 percent. The more ChillWell AC units you purchase via the official website, the better the pricing.

One ChillWell AC Costs $89.99

Two ChillWells AC cost $179.99

Three ChillWells AC cost $201.99

Four ChillWells AC cost $269.99

The shipping and handling fee is not included in the pricing. ChillWell AC provides you with the actual S/H price after completing the purchase process and entering the payment details.

A 60-day money-back guarantee backs ChillWell AC purchases. However, the refund policy only applies to unopened and unused devices.


The traditional AC is cumbersome and requires professional input to install and maintain. ChillWell is designed to make it easy for all types of users to install and use it. The maker states it utilizes a novel, “Hydro Chill Technology,” which transforms the hot, dry air into cool and moist air within seconds. 

It comes fully assembled from the manufacturer and comprises minimal units. After receiving your ChillWell AC package, the creator recommends you charge it fully. After that, place the inbuilt water-cooling cartridge in the cooling cartridge itself, turn the AC on to your preferred setting, and enjoy cool air in less than 30 seconds.

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