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CHFRY Finance Launches Flash Leverage And Ever-Going Trading Competition

CHFRY Finance

CHFRY Finance fans are ecstatic as the team has launched Flash Leverage on the Ethereum mainnet along with an ever-going trading competition.

What is Flash Leverage?

Flash leverage is CHFRY’s inaugural flash loan-powered application, allowing for the most affordable 100% decentralized leveraged trading. The application integrates flash loans, AMMs and on-chain lending protocols to deliver a leveraged solution at extremely low costs. There are no funding rates, platform fees, or asset custody when it comes to Flash Leverage. Users can enjoy a simple one-click solution for a completely decentralized leverage trading experience.

This is in-fact the most cost-effective on-chain leveraged trading tool available on the market today, permitting users to perform leveraged long and short trades across a wide range of assets. Long positions are meant for individuals who are optimistic on market conditions and want to profit from price growth of target assets, whilst short positions are geared towards those who are bearish and want to profit from price depreciation.

The application combines DeFi legos like the CHFRY Flash Fryer (the underlying flash loan provider platform), as well as AAVE V2 (the underlying lending protocol), and finally Uniswap (the underlying AMM) to give a leveraged solution at a remarkable low cost which is, on average, a whopping 80% less than a majority of other protocols.

Trading competition

In addition to the aforementioned cheapest on-chain leverage, CHFRY incentivizes traders to participate on Flash Leverage by introducing the never-(anytime-soon)-ending Trading Competition, which allows users to earn $CHEESE and $USDT in bi-weekly rewards. Users can earn rewards every two weeks from a pool of 3,000 $CHEESE and 1,000 $USDT for opening Flash Leverage accounts, and opening, holding and closing leveraged trading positions on Flash Leverage. For more details and additional information on how the reward allocation is determined check out CHFRY’s Medium page.

What are some of CHFRY’s past accomplishments?

The CHFRY protocol has been active in DeFi space since October last year, when it successfully launched the CHFRY mainnet and held the TGE (Token Generation Event) of $CHEESE via the IDO. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that in addition to Flash Leverage, the protocol also offers self-repaying loans that charge 0 interest rate and carry 0 risk of liquidation. The debt repayment is automated by CHFRY through diversified high yield strategies, as the protocol deploys collateral in Yearn Finance vaults and the CHFRY flash loan pools to generate yield and collect service fees, respectively, which are then directed towards maturing the debt positions.

And while self-repaying loan mechanism is very exciting, CHFRY’s biggest achievement has to be Flash Leverage and how CHFRY has managed to be the first one within the crypto community to create a flash-loan powered application that actively supports the transparent and low-cost, fully on-chain leveraged trading platform.

Although there are a handful of platforms that can be found nowadays offering margin trading possibilities, they are often associated with ridiculously high fees. Not only that, but a majority of these platforms tend to be CEXs, which by their nature usually obstruct permissionless innovation and are deficient in the benefits that decentralized finance provides. Additionally, such platforms do not offer one-click leverage trading experiences and in most of the cases users are required to complete individual transactions via cumbersome deposit-borrow-trade processes. As such, existing platforms become costly, complex and largely inefficient.

CHFRY’s Flash Leverage aims to solve exactly these issues and provides a tool that is simple, affordable and secure. 

In conclusion, Flash Leverage really is a next-level tool that combines both flash loans and leveraged trading in a way to provide a gateway to robust yet simple  trading experiences. It really is a one-click solution that helps traders dive into the exciting world of margin trading. Access Flash Leverage now: 

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