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Checklist for First-time Homebuyers in OMR

Checklist for First-time Homebuyers in OMR

The Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR), often touted as the IT corridor of Chennai, isn’t just a symbol of the city’s rapid growth, but also a testament to its flourishing real estate sector. Over the years, OMR has matured into a prime hub for property investments. As a prospective buyer, if OMR is on your radar, you’re making a promising choice. But like all good things, there’s preparation involved.

Budgeting & Financial Planning

A crucial starting point in your home buying journey is understanding and setting a budget. While the final price of the home is paramount, there are underlying costs that often get overlooked for the Flats in OMR for sale.

  • Down Payment: The initial sum, typically 10-20% of the property’s price, is your down payment. It’s not just about saving this amount but ensuring you still have financial liquidity post the payment. Some prefer to put down a larger sum to reduce monthly installments. Assess your comfort zone.
  • Home Loan: While a host of financial institutions offer home loans, each comes with its nuances. Some might entice you with lower interest rates but have hidden charges. A thorough comparison is essential. Keep an eye on loan tenure, interest types (fixed vs. floating), and processing fees.
  • Additional Costs: The property cost isn’t the end. Stamp duty, registration, brokerage (if you’re using a broker), and even initial maintenance or society charges can add up. Having a miscellaneous fund can help avoid last-minute financial hiccups.

Research the Location

OMR isn’t just a long stretch of road; it’s a mosaic of micro-markets, each with its charm.

  • Proximity to Workplace: One of OMR’s primary attractions is its IT parks. If you’re working in the tech sector, check the commute time from potential homes. Lesser time on the road means more time for yourself.
  • Amenities: While OMR boasts modernity, specific sections offer more amenities than others. Do you have easy access to supermarkets, schools, hospitals, and recreational centers? A home isn’t just about its four walls; it’s about the ecosystem around it.
  • Connectivity: With Chennai expanding, OMR’s connectivity is continually evolving. Research upcoming infrastructure projects like metro lines, bus stations, or main road expansions. A well-connected home is a future-proof investment.

Understand Property Types

While ‘new’ might sound appealing, sometimes older properties can be gold mines.

  • Under-construction vs. Ready-to-move: There’s a thrill in booking an under-construction property; it’s brand new, often cheaper, and you can customize it. But, they come with a caveat: construction delays. On the flip side, ready-to-move properties, while slightly costlier, offer immediate possession.
  • Resale Property: These are properties previously owned. Sometimes, they’re situated in prime locations, offer better built-up areas, or come with a charm that new homes might lack. Inspecting the property’s condition and its documentation is crucial here.

Legalities & Documentation

Traversing the maze of real estate legality requires attention to detail.

  • Clear Title: It’s vital to ensure that the property isn’t entangled in legal webs. It should come with a clear title, signifying no disputes.
  • Verify Builder’s Reputation: A builder’s past can illuminate your future. Did their previous projects face delays? Were there quality issues? Peer reviews, online forums, and even offline chats can offer insights.

Site Visits

Virtual tours might be the trend, but physical visits are irreplaceable.

  • Multiple Visits: A single visit can be deceptive. The traffic during mornings might be different from evenings. Visit at various times to get a holistic understanding.
  • Ask Questions: Engage with the sales team. Discuss aspects like water availability, power backup, maintenance charges, and future development plans.
  • Neighborhood Insights: A quick chat with potential neighbors or local shopkeepers can provide unfiltered information about the community and its nuances.

Negotiation & Purchase

Your research culminates here.

  • Know the Market Rate: By understanding the prevailing square foot rate in OMR, you equip yourself with a bargaining chip. You’ll know if the builder’s rate is inflated.
  • Documentation: Once you zero in on your dream home, ensure every paperwork, from sale agreement to property tax receipts, is in order.


So, if you are a first-time buyer of residential property in OMR, it is best to look into this checklist. It will help you to get the right property for your requirement and make no mistakes.

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