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ChatGPT Stimulates The Metaverse; WIMI Hologram Innovates Its Core Technology

ChatGPT Stimulates The Metaverse

 It is learned that the 2023 Wuhan metaverse Developer Summit Forum was officially held in Wuhan Guang’gu on April 13. The forum gathered metaverse content and technology field, metaverse content development trend, cutting-edge development technology, and project practical experience. 

 Luo Jun, executive chairman of the metaverse Industry Committee of the China Computer Industry Association, said: ” The further maturity of ChatGPT technology has cleared up many obstacles to the popularization and application of metaverse. We are confident that the emergence of ChatGPT has advanced the realization of metaverse by at least 10 years.” metaverse As one of the new forms of the future development of digital economy, the industry is accelerating its development under the promotion of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other information technologies, which will bring transformative impact on the future technology and industrial development as well as social and economic forms.

We will explore the path for scientific and technological development

metaverse Once defined by the industry as the next generation of the Internet, which can change the PC Internet, and subvert the use of the Internet. And it is built on Web3.0, as a “through” Internet, the connection of everything, which means to create a real “virtual world” in the new Internet.

Simply put, the metaverse attracts global attention because it is considered as a new stage in the development of the digital world, with great development prospects and commercial value. It can not only provide people with a more free, open, convenient, and flexible digital lifestyle, but also let users feel a more real human-computer interaction experience.

It should be noted that the appearance of GPT-4 in the technology circle is expected to completely change the process of content creation mode. In addition to helping to improve the productivity of creators, it can also greatly reduce the skill threshold of turning creativity into reality. In a classic scene, everything can be metaverse.

Globally, today’s metaverse is moving towards two ports. On the one hand, metaverse technology exists in the digitalization of offline scenes, mainly reflected in the social and consumer Internet fields, such as “social metaverse”, “game metaverse”, and “sports metaverse”; on the other hand, the digital transformation needs of industry and industry, namely industrial metaverse, etc.

When the digital transformation of the industry enters the metaverse era, the information of industrial products will change greatly, and the integrity, timeliness, and real-time of the information will also be greatly improved, which can enable producers, customers, and consumers to establish stronger communication scenarios and better communication mode. Based on the dividend of the industrial metaverse, the revenue of the industrial metaverse is expected to reach $540 billion by 2025, according to a MarketProspects report, and more and more technology companies will serve the industrial metaverse.

Thus, the development prospect of the metaverse is very broad. In the future, the metaverse will cover all aspects of life, from entertainment, games, education, advertising, and other applications in the metaverse. At present, more and more enterprises and developers enter the camp of metaverse ecological construction, and the digital economy driven by the metaverse is bound to enter a new round of development period.

WIMI Seize The Opportunity of Metaverse &ChatGPT

WIMI Seize The Opportunity of Metaverse & ChatGPT

It is understood that in recent years, metaverse Holographic AR’s first WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) actively created the “metaverse” virtual world, has been promoting its metaverse vision, and has made a massive technological investment in it. In the digital life scene of the “metaverse”, WIMI users can unlock different home scenes and can roam online, and buy products, feeling the beauty of science and technology, and bringing users a fresher and more convenient metaverse shopping experience.

For the opening of the metaverse era, digital IP, a virtual economy product, is of great value in metaverse applications. For a long time, WIMI aims to enter the metaverse, striving to develop digital technology to continuously upgrade and innovate, and successfully create nearly 5000 equity content. In the metaverse era of the digital field, digital IP has infinite possibilities in the metaverse application, showing art content in multi-dimensional space.

It is undeniable that metaverse and ChatGPT are prevalent technologies and applications in the current digital field. Once metaverse and ChatGPT are combined, they can create an unprecedented parallel dimension full of digital artificial intelligence grand scenes. Its application is not only the commercial end but also the art, humanities, social and other aspects. It is said that WIMI has realized holographic digital twin through virtual reality technology and ChatGPT, and ensured the basic operation of the virtual world and holographic content production through the Internet service of wide coverage and excellent network quality, so as to provide users with more personalized and intelligent services and support.


According to close to the metaverse carrier of massively multiplayer online game creation platform Roblox definition of “metaverse”, if you want to successfully build the industry understanding of the virtual world, the VR, AR, AI, 5G, cloud games, and digital currency technology need corresponding investment, and should be at the same time have an identity, social, immersive experience, low delay, diversification, anywhere, economic system and civilization the eight key features. For the industry, the development of the metaverse is destined to be a long long process, but the metaverse is certainly an indispensable outlet in the future, currently, factories still need to practice internal work.

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