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Chatbot GemAIBot in Gem4me: new features for users  

The Gem4me communication platform continues to expand its functionality, and the latest update brings a new feature to its users: a native chatbot GemAIBot, with which you can interact directly in the application. 

The Gem4me developers created GemAIBot based on the product of OpenAI, which owns the well known ChatGPT. The chatbot is integrated in the Gem4me app and is available free of charge for all users of the platform. You can find the bot by its name in your profile. GemAIBot understands requests in different languages, including English.

What tasks can chatbot help to solve?

In GemAIBot, you can get answers to questions in text form, as well as create pictures. The chatbot features will be useful for users of different ages and various interests and activities.

For learning purposes, you can address to the neural network for the widest range of help – to solve mathematical and even chemical problems, to discuss literary characters, or perform various other tasks. For work and business, you can get recommendations of a psychologist or a coach on team building and business processes management; a neural network will also help to write a speech of an executive or a letter to be sent to colleagues on a set topic. AI will help to find interesting topics for a blog and even write an article or a post for social networks.

In creative projects, the chatbot can also become an irreplaceable assistant. It will help write a poem or come up with an idea for a gift. It’s only limited by the user’s imagination.

How to interact with GemAIBot correctly?

The rules for communicating with GemAIBot are the same as those for other neural networks, including the currently popular ChatGPT. The main thing is to remember the basic principles of working with a neural network, and the experience will come with time.

First of all, you should be as clear and specific as possible. Everything that can affect the result should be described in detail. Secondly, you need to set the task not only in terms of what needs to be done, but also in terms of what the result should look like. You can set a format for the final text, including formatting and style of presentation – for example, a fictional text divided into paragraphs, a straight scientific text, or something else. If you are not completely satisfied with the result, you can ask the neural network to make corrections, indicating the exact place and detail that needs to be corrected. By the way, now there are collections of proper requests to different neural networks, which will also help users to quickly get the desired result from the AI.

Why do you need to practice interaction with neural networks?

There are more and more reasons to learn how to interact with neural networks at least on a confident user level. It is good if you are aware of your own goals and objectives in working with AI and understand how you can benefit, for example, for your business. But even if you don’t have specific goals yet, anyway it is worth to start getting acquainted with the principles of working with neural networks, as they are increasingly penetrating all areas of life.

And for those who are still choosing their career path, it will be interesting to know that now there is a demand for a new skill – prompt-engineering – in the labor market. A prompt-engineer is someone who knows how to compose the right request for a neural network to generate the necessary texts or pictures. Since AI does not always produce the result the user expects, a prompt-engineer who knows how to compose queries will save time and possibly money that would have been spent on incorrect tasks for the AI.

The more experience a user has with neural networks, the easier it will be to master new technologies that are appearing every day. Eventually these skills will become mandatory – just like now knowing how to use a computer or a cell phone. And instead of looking for difficulties the technology can bring, it’s better to look for advantages and benefits for yourself, because in any case there are significantly more of them. And that means using all sorts of opportunities to practice AI communication skills, including the GemAIBot chatbot in Gem4me.

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