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Chartered Financial Analyst, with exposure to corporate finance, Bitcoin and Blockchain derivatives Joins P2PS Advisory Board

P2PS, the world’s first blockchain-powered, secure, pure peer-to-peer, interference-free digital communication platform designed for everyone with a need to securely store and exchange digital data such as private data, medical records, banking data and government classified data, among other sensitive digital exchanges. Such platforms today are simply non-existent. P2PS is pleased to announce the addition of Mike Shokin to its Board of Advisors. As P2PS continues to attract attention from Investment Bankers and Financial Institutions alike, Mike brings extensive experience within the Investment and Blockchain markets to support the P2PS ICO process.

P2PS has launched its ICO after announcing Blockchain integration to protect the digital data such as private data, medical records, banking data and government classified data, among other sensitive digital exchanges. The ICO will support on-going development and scaling as P2PS begins its global reach into 49 targeted countries and beyond.

As a Blockchain expert, Mike is on the advisory board of several successful Blockchain start-ups including P2P lending.

“Mike’s experience as a chartered financial analyst combined with long term exposure to Crypto industries and Blockchain is valuable to P2PS that is now being eyed by several institutional contributors and token buyers. As a financial analyst with exposure to corporate finance in addition to being a Blockchain Advisor on several successful ICOs, Mike’s expertise will most certainly be an added value to the traction already created during the P2PS ICO phase 1. We can now see our endeavour of global proliferation picking up speed” said Jameel Shariff, P2PS CEO and Council Member.

Mike Shokin

Mike is a chartered financial analyst with exposure to corporate finance that he is expanding into Bitcoin and Blockchain derivatives. His experience includes working as a research analyst with ING Barings and teaching at NYU. Mike has advanced degrees in finance from Baruch College, New York and SOAS, London and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Mike speaks English and is studying Spanish and Russian.

About P2PS

Global Problem:

Anything that you exchange digitally with anyone, anywhere, is not private by any privacy standards; including information exchanged on your “private” intranet corporate networks.

P2PS Purpose:

The purpose of our ICO is to bring you a secure system through which you can exchange confidential digital assets or files with absolutely no interference from any third party; not even a network or systems administrator.

What Can P2PS Do That Others Don’t?

P2PS is a pure peer-to-peer platform which safeguards, for example, your medical records, banking information and other sensitive digital assets, during exchange between two parties. Such platforms today are simply non-existent.

Usage of P2PS Token:

The P2PS utility token is designed to be used by members within the P2PS platform. It primarily assists in transactions on the decentralized, secure and interference free, Peer-to-Peer Communication System platforms used in Government & Defence, Digital Education & Delivery, Medical & Pharma, Banking & Finance, and other corporate sectors. Subsequently, P2PS tokens will replace traditional licenses on other systems such as Electronic Learning Inc.’s educational system, Pan Excels eLearning solutions, among others.

Why P2PS Token?

When you purchase P2PS Tokens, you are contributing directly into the new economy that has been designed for your benefit. Please be advised that you are neither investing in a company nor in the creation of a company or corporation. We have crossed those stages and are offering P2PS utility token that you will eventually need if you prefer to use our secure, interference-free communications platform.

Procuring P2PS Tokens helps grow the economic ecosystem built around the secure, peer-to-peer, interference-free communications platform. You are helping build an extremely secure and strong network of interference-free communication systems with faster processing and a perpetual record of transactions. This process also streamlines financial actions into efficient and highly secure processes.

What Has Been Done So Far?

The secure, interference free, Peer-to-Peer Communication System platform’s venture started in 2010 and has been self-funded to completion. In November 2017, we launched P2PS token and released the token in pre-ICO that is now an on-going ICO.

P2PS Website:

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