Chaotic DJs Providing Enthusiasts Direct Access to Digital Music Supremacy 

Chaotic DJs is a targeted project seeking to expand and enhance the music industry in the digital era. The project is leveraging the dynamics of blockchain technology to change the way people interact with music. Using Web 3.0, Chaotic DJs intend to build the music industry across the metaverse, providing enthusiasts with a digital music and festival platform. In addition to creating utility for established musicians, Chaotic DJs also offer a chance for less recognized talent to show the world their skills. 

Chaotic DJs is a project with an extensive suite of utilities. The project is built around a collection of 10,000 NFTs of four different species, each with a unique set of platform responsibilities. However, the project’s motivations extend beyond that of a standard NFT collection. It aims to build a community that will invite music into their homes in new ways. Not only will the platform offer a source of entertainment, but it will also create opportunities for interaction, connection, engagement, and eventual earning. Owning a Chaotic DJ’s NFT is a complete ticket for users, granting them access to all major events on the music and festival platform. 

To make the process exciting and profitable for everyone, the project will host multiple giveaways, raffles, and auctions of exclusive artist merchandise and even support artist interactions. The goal is to both enhance project participation and also open the door to multiple event opportunities and offer engagement benefits that would transcend borders. The social music platform would additionally be a haven for users who wish to submit music sets for enjoyment by other members. It is an elusive opportunity for new musicians and DJs to break into the industry without third-party hindrance. 

The project will offer a DAO dashboard app for its users, allowing a direct platform for community voting and ranking. The app will also be used to determine which DJs lead events in Chaotic Land, the project’s exclusive metaverse for events. The dashboard will likewise provide a system for the community to guide the project to supremacy with exclusive partnerships, events, themes, and new ventures. 

Chaotic DJs utility token, $CHAOTIC, will support trading and transactions across the project. This deflationary token will aim to help boost appreciation in the long run. This result is a win-win for users, as investments would be guided to multiply with the project’s ongoing development. Chaotic DJs have a robust roadmap ahead of them; they’re here to provide utility and change the music industry in exciting new ways.

Chaotic DJs x NYU and Yellowbrick have come together, thanks to their founder/CEO Ryan Leslie to donate 5 scholarships on a yearly basis to the Chaotic Community, All NFT Holders will have the same odds of winning a scholarship and advancing their musical career. Must meet State or Government Qualifications, and be 18+ over to enroll and start classes, but can hold the scholarship until confirmed eligible to attend, check out the link below, and apply:

About Chaotic DJs

Chaotic DJs is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs featuring four character species with different responsibilities. It provides an exclusive music and festival platform for the digital community, powered through Web 3.0. With its utility token, $CHAOTIC, Chaotic DJs is changing the music industry with the power of the metaverse.

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