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Changes to look out for with SEO Going into 2022

2021 saw many changes in SEO trends, including two groundbreaking algorithm updates from Google. As a result, digital marketers are expectant and excited about the SEO trends projected to emerge in 2022. We took the pleasure of analyzing these anticipated changes for your benefit! Read on to learn more.

 Top SEO Trends in 2022

1) More Focus on User Search Intent

Since its inception, SEO has prioritized user search intent, but this is set to quadruple in 2022, and SEO Malaysia is not an exception. Most people scout the internet for specific reasons, and meeting those demands is crucial to SEO strategy. Thus, according to Dagmar Marketing, it is wise better to understand the intent behind your target market’s searches to meet their needs better and appeal to their interest. Try to get ahead of users by conducting your search so you can determine the content that ranks high for your target keywords.

2) Prioritizing Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one innovation that has rebranded our experience and interaction with the internet. AI is an intelligent technology that captures our specific interests and aids searches on search engines. While it is common knowledge that search engines rely heavily on AI to enhance their algorithms and user experience, it is predicted to improve in 2022 significantly. Digital marketing experts believe that factors like click-through rate and time on page will make a grand entrance. Brands are advised to utilize this inclusion by developing engaging, well-organized, and resourceful content that promises to delight and engross readers.

3) SEO Strategies Posed to Implement Videos

With online video platforms gaining more popularity by the minute, SEO strategies (Malaysia SEO inclusive) are set to adopt videos as an effective means to garner more web traffic and high-conversion clicks. A good case is YouTube, which has accumulated over a billion users. So if your brand or business is yet to leverage videos in its SEO campaign, now is an excellent time to start. To begin with, it is essential to optimize the name and description of your channel, so your target audience can quickly locate and engage with your content. In addition, the report should include concise yet detailed information about your brand or business with high-performing keywords to boot.

4) Enhanced Page Speed

Page speed is not a foreign trend, as it has consistently sat on the trend table for years on end. But a website with an excellent SEO strategy rolls out a faster page speed with the passing years. Taking a cue from this, a company that prioritizes SEO should improve its page speed each New Year. And it is no secret that page speed is one core factor that attracts visitors to a website. Besides luring the interest and attention of visitors, page speed is one of several factors that determine search engine ranking (as revealed by Google).

5) Improved User Experience

This is another trend here to stay because of its inestimable value. Most businesses capitalize on customer experience to improve their SEO ranking and sales generation. This trend is expected to continue and improve in 2022. For starters, a website replete with errors, outdated or underdeveloped aesthetics, and an unfriendly user interface is a deal-breaker for most visitors. People will turn away from such sites as soon as they encounter them. And the more people neglect the website, the lesser its chances of occupying the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). That being said, it will help to do a self-assessment of your website, go through your website, and note the areas that need work and those that could use a revamp.

6) The First-party Data Collection Era Begins

Google has intensively campaigned to ban third-party cookies, which is a welcome development for consumers. Internet users prioritize privacy, and third-party cookies do not heed their wishes. On the flip side, this is bad news for digital marketers who depend on these cookies to gather client\customer information. As a solution to this imminent problem, website owners are predicted to embrace first-party data collection in 2022.  First, they will lure customers and clients to their website via SEO strategies. Next, they will offer incentives that aid data collection, such as requesting quotes from visitors, convincing them to subscribe to their email list, or other strategies to gather contact details on first-party terms.

7) Semantic Keywords will Take Center Stage

In the not-so-distant past, SEO specialists prioritized primary keywords only. However, secondary keywords have come to light, and digital marketers re-evaluate their keyword implementation. Semantic keyword search is set to revolutionize the SEO industry. Google and other search engines no longer focus on words. Instead, they prioritize queries and look into user search intent. Thus, a website needs to incorporate primary and secondary keywords to provide relevant information acceptable to Google and other search engines.

8) Quality Content that Fulfils Google’s EAT Principle

While “Quality content” is a subjective term dependent on a website’s offerings, SEO experts unanimously agree that the term will come to represent Google’s EAT principle in 2022. EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. So if your website content fails to satisfy these criteria in 2022, it might lose to its other EAT-savvy competitors. So it is best to create or write content that resonates with the policy. Also, we highly recommend re-vamping existing content to meet this standard.

The Bottom Line

2022 calls for better and improved SEO strategies and choices. It is imperative to embrace these trends and changes for the growth and success of your business. But if you don’t know where to start from,,  SEO in Malaysia, is willing to lend a helping hand!

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