Challenge Your Physical Limits and Earn SFIT Tokens. Now Available on xExchange and Bitmart

Take charge of your health and finances with the SFIT token by Sense4FIT, the Move2Earn ecosystem that is set to change your life on both fronts. Offering a wide range of services from achieving personal goals, group challenges, and nutrition, the SFIT token appeal just got stronger with the new international exchange listings.

Expanding Market

Since its launch, Sense4FIT has garnered the interest of the health-conscious and the broader crypto market in general, with large-scale investors such as ixfi, BHero, solrDao, Florin Cojocaru and other big names from the crypto space. Combined with its intuitive app services and a health-finance combo, Sense4FIT is a startup success, gathering in excess of $2 million from backers alone.

To enable fitness-oriented users to gain access to the native SFIT token, the platform is making it available on two different crypto exchanges.

Looking towards some of the largest markets (the US and Asia), SFIT’s listing on Bitmart is aligned with that philosophy as the exchange’s 65%+ demographic is from these areas.

Built on Elrond, the SFIT will also be available on xExchange, the DEX from MultiversX. Rebranded as MutliversX, the Elrond network is one of the most successful projects from Sense4FIT’s native Romania.

The SFIT token can be traded on both exchanges starting from the 19th of December.

What Does Sense4FIT Offer?

While several health-based platforms are using the Move2Earn model, Sense4FIT stands out from the rest as it offers so much more.

True, like all platforms, the SFIT is given as a reward for completing physical challenges which can be then sold in the market to make money. However, there are several other utilities too.

As a governance token, SFIT can be used for different proposals and voting power. Proposals can range from the number of rewards, setting up new challenges, launching new products, etc.

The Sense4FIT app’s services, such as purchases (exercise equipment, supplements, and other merchandise) offer discounts if using SFIT to pay. In the coming months, Sense4FIT will also be launching its brick-and-mortar fitness center with SFIT being a mode of membership payment. Future plans include other fitness centers under its franchising system.

Stake to Earn More

A crypto project is not complete without a staking option and Sense4FIT offers it too. Like any other staking, depositors do get passive income. However, Sense4FIT goes a step beyond to offer other benefits, based on the staking pool selected:

  • Bronze Pool: 22% APR for 90 days period
  • Silver Pool: 27% APR, 180 days period with early access to tokenized gyms, NFT collections, 12% discounts on NFTs
  • Gold Pool: 35% APR, 365 days period with early access to tokenized gyms, NFT collections, 22% discounts on NFTs, and free access to Sense4FIT gyms (12 months).
  • Platinum Pool: 40% APR, 730 days period with early access to tokenized gyms, NFT collections, 30% discounts on NFTs, and free access to Sense4FIT gyms (24 months).

Fitness Apps Growth and Sense4FIT

Predicted to swell from $16.6 billion to $30+ billion by 2026, fitness apps have seen a massive boost in recent years. Sense4FIT offers the same functionality as other apps, yet it trumps with its SFIT token integrated marketplace, Move2Earn, and allied services (including even a metaverse-based exercise regime).

No wonder it has a strong community growth (110,000 and counting) and around 67% of its staking capacity is already filled. Its fitness and health-based NFTs have also attracted the public, with it being the fastest-ever NFT sales on Elrond (more than 10,000 NFTs were grabbed up in just a few minutes).

With future plans to include gyms (both Sense4FIT owned and franchised, along with an active and engaged community, Sense4FIT truly fits the term, health is wealth.

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