Chairman of Laurens Kids Foundation Ronald Book on The Importance of Giving Back 

Ronald Book on The Importance of Giving Back 

 Ronald Book is a man of many talents. His long list of accomplishments has made him one of the most recognizable men in Florida, as his law firm specializes in different governmental affairs. It was through this line of work that Ron was able to build an extensive client list and make many connections within both the local community and the state. Although he is an extremely successful lawyer at Ronald L. Book, P. A law firm, he believes that the three most important qualities that define him are: his work ethic, commitment, and the ability to give back.

Community Co-founder of Lauren’s Kids Foundation

Perhaps the mark of a great person is not that they have influence, but rather how they use their unique position to help those who are less fortunate. Ronald Book has spearheaded many charitable and philanthropic efforts, the chief of which is co-founding and chairing the nonprofit Lauren’s Kids Foundation, which was created alongside his daughter, Florida State Senator Lauren Book. The foundation was created to both shine a light and help to end sexual abuse against children, especially within the family.

Lauren’s Kids Foundation’s mission is to provide awareness, support, and guidance, and always take the opportunity to educate those on the shocking statistics about this topic. While these are hefty and ambitious goals, the short-term wins for the company would include aiming to make a positive impact on families and environments that children would frequent. Notably, Lauren’s Kids Foundation provides education to many schools, incorporating their lessons into the curricula of over 90,000 classrooms nationwide.

Other Philanthropic Efforts

While many would believe that running both a successful law firm and acting as the Chair of an important foundation would necessitate enough time and monetary involvement, Ron Book believes that giving back should not be quantified; it is always important to help in any capacity if you are able. Through the cultivation of an extensive network, Mr. Book has completely dedicated himself to the community. Before The Foundation, Ronald Book had extensive experience serving on the board of many other foundations, including the Mourning Family Foundation, Best Buddies, and the Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital.

This experience has led to the man he is today, but it may be surprising to know that he also currently serves on the board of the Miami Dade Homeless Trust as the chairman of the board. Ron Book believes that giving back stats at home, and he has been a member of this Trust for over 20 years. Under his leadership, the Trust has been recognized nationwide for its business model, using it as a template for best practices. Due to its growing influence, Secretary Ben Carson has announced the end of homeless veterans in Miami Dade County and the greater Southern Florida Region.

The Trust has recently been successfully fighting the drastic rent increase in the Florida region so that many families are still able to have proper shelter.

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