ChainUP Joins Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association, Expands Japanese Influence

Singapore ChainUP Japan Corporation (ChainUP Japan Co., Ltd. Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo) has officially joined the Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association (JCBA). This move sees it expanding its Japanese influence and network while providing JCBA members access to its blockchain technology expertise.

ChainUP will be actively exploring blockchain technology in different fields including fintech, medicine, public administration and IT infrastructure. The technology company is pleased to be contributing to the advancement of Japan’s digital economy while promoting social innovation.

The world-leading blockchain technology and service provider is head-quartered in Singapore. Its main products and services include: digital asset trading systems (spot, leverage, futures, options and other derivatives), digital asset trading liquidity systems, wallet solutions, situational awareness, public chain and consortium blockchain, mining pools, blockchain cloud media platforms and broker systems. ChainUP has constructed an industrial closed loop that has an established technical service-flow, and is currently serving 500-over corporate customers worldwide from more than 20 countries in Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States and the Middle East with more than 50 million users.

ChainUP’s multiple subsidiaries and independent brands include HiCoin, an enterprise focused on wallet technology solutions, BitWind, a liquidity provider that provides liquidity support for exchanges, and ForChain, a cryptocurrency financial derivatives trading platform.

The Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association (JCBA) is a legally-sanctioned trade organization that works to actively establish and consolidate industry standards. JCBA provides technical information such as technology, accounting, regulations, business practices and other professional information to Japanese banks, securities companies and financial commodity dealers. This helps the Japanese Financial Services Agency and other companies to launch cryptocurrency businesses in Japan, promoting the healthy development of the industry.

Joining JCBA allows ChainUP to expand its network in the Japanese industry while JCBA member companies can access ChainUP’s professional blockchain technology expertise and operational management experience – a mutually beneficial arrangement.

About ChainUP

ChainUP is one of the leading blockchain technology solution providers in  the world. It owns eight well-developed product lines: digital currency trading, wallet, situational awareness, public chain and consortium blockchain, mining pool, blockchain cloud media, liquidity, broker, and has constructed an industrial closed-loop from technology service to traffic and traffic commercialization. So far, it has served 300+ exchange clients, 100+ digital wallet clients, 150+ liquidity service clients, which include 50+ million users in over 20 countries from Asia, Europe, America and Oceania. The team members behind ChainUP have worked in top blockchain or internet companies and institutions in technological development and operation management, and are highly experienced in the blockchain industry. It has obtained several rounds of investments from well-known top institutions in the  industry, such as Morningside Venture Capital, Joy Capital, Node Capital, Albatross Venture, Taoshi capital, amongst others.

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