‘ Chainpals ‘ Levels Up Online Safety and Changes the Crypto Industry with Secure Escrow Platform


Did you know that 10 percent of the world’s population owns cryptocurrency? But sadly, 1 in 5 reports they have been hacked or scammed. However, one innovative company is changing the narrative. Meet Chainpals, an advanced technology called the “Paypal for Crypto Payments.” This safe and secure system runs on a proprietary platform built to upend the fraudsters and scammers running amuck in the crypto ecosystem.

The inventor of Chainpals knows all too well what it means to lose a bundle in crypto. Before building his revolutionary platform, he lost 150,000 to online scammers! Through Chainpals, he fights for transparency and security with this ironclad payment system.

In 2021, millions of speculators lost more than 14 billion dollars to crypto thieves who hid behind blockchain security to offer products and services they never delivered. These scams sent a tidal wave through the cryptocurrency industry, but Chainpals is changing the game. According to Chainpals executives, “Through Chainpals, blockchain becomes an even more secure place where you can send payments to anyone without being scammed.”

This platform is built on a smart contract backed by an escrow payment solution. The verified engineers behind Chainpals bring a professional and positive advancement to online transactions. Their work is independently verified, audited, and reviewed. The vetted team offers a fresh perspective on cryptocurrency, often referred to as the wild west of the financial world. Chainpals is reigning in the bad actors who are giving the cryptocurrency a bad name.

Another top feature of Chainpals is their customer service. Instead of a pesky problem transaction going down a dark hole, Chainpals sheds light on transaction issues with a simple system of checks and balances. For example, Chainpals allow buyers and sellers to raise a dispute, and an escrow manager launches an investigation immediately. This kind of service ensures both parties receive a fair outcome.

The Chainpals system is as simple as 1-2-3. First, a client enters a transaction with a complete description of the project and their preferred crypto payment method. Next, there must be evidence of a detailed agreement, and finally, funds are released to a smart contract once the parties successfully complete the project.

This intuitive escrow-based program is ahead of its time. The team at Chainpals has thought of everything from soup to nuts to make this online transaction experience as safe and secure as possible. Their new level of security will bolster the evolution of business with cryptocurrency making Chainpals the gold standard for a secure online business transaction.

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