Chainlink Investors Are Buying Up the Next Big Memecoin Sensation DigiToads (TOADS). Heres Why

Big Memecoin Sensation DigiToads (TOADS)

Investors are always on the lookout for the next big thing, and it is no different with Chainlink investors, who have a laser focus on DigiToads, the next big memecoin sensation. It is proven in the crypto scene that meme coin volatility gives them the ability to skyrocket and with DigiToads on the back of $6 million in presales, its rally after launch promises nothing short of memorable, prompting Chainlink’s investors, among others, to make it their next investment target. 

DigiToads is the next memecoin sensation to skyrocket after its launch

DigiToads has brought a spark of excitement into the crypto landscape thanks to its unique fundamentals and immense growth potential. As a full utility token, DigiToads’ ecosystem will span play-to-earn (P2E) and NFT, which makes it appealing to investors and adopters alike.

DigiToads’ ecosystem will focus on its play-to-earn game, in which gamers will battle against DigiToads and win rewards. The rewards will serve as a residual source of income in addition to holding its high-growth token, which has been predicted to soar in the coming months after launch.

On the other hand, its unique and limited collection of 3,500 NFTs will be minted on the platform and comes with promises of immense growth. Furthermore, on August 21, NFT staking will begin, allowing investors to gain passively while they stake their digital assets on the platform, alongside its P2E game & token launch, that will also launch on that date.

The utility of the DigiToads coin, TOADS, which will be used for minting NFTs and in-game purchases, lends it important use cases and will contribute to its upward trajectory. This further makes it an appealing and profitable investment.

The DigiToads presale which will conclude on August 15th,  is presently in stage 9 with the present price per token set at $0.047, but it will rise to $0.05 in stage 10, giving early investors a 400% return. Finally, at a starting launch price of $0.055, early investors will see a 450% increase, which is a significant increase. To participate in the DigiToads presale, click on the link below and position yourself for its launch and projected rally. 

Chainlink (LINK) investors diversify investment after weak bullish momentum

Chainlink is one of the popular blockchain abstraction layers in the cryptosphere, which enables universally connected smart contracts. By leveraging a decentralized Oracle network, Chainlink allows secure interaction between blockchains and external data feeds.

Although Chainlink is one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the crypto landscape, as it powers its ecosystem, its investors have their sights set on DigiToads, the next big memecoin sensation. The reason for this shift in investment focus is Chainlink’s recent decline and the absence of strong bullish momentum for most of the year. Consequently, presented with the opportunity to make more returns, Chainlink investors aren’t missing a beat, with their sights set on DigiToads.

Final Thoughts

DigiToads is set for the big stage as it is poised to skyrocket after its launch next month. This has caused a frenzy around its presale, with investors positioning themselves for its imminent rally. Similarly, Chainlink’s investors have their sights set on DigiToads, as they aim to ape into the next big thing to register significantly higher returns than they will with Chainlink. To read more about the token and participate in the presale, click on the link below.

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