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CHAIN2020 Becomes the Largest Blockchain Educational Event Ever

This week the major event in the blockchain industry CHAIN2020 brought together more than 15 000 guests and world-renowned speakers in Hong Kong with a shared mission to accelerate blockchain adoption in the world and, particularly, in the Asian region. These are record figures for an event of this level, as usually, the audience of cryptocurrency summits and forums is limited to several hundred or thousands of guests.

The brightest minds like investment expert Jim Rogers, founder of Hanson Robotics David Hanson, PwC Global Crypto Leader Henri Arslanian, CEO of Muckr.AI Susan Oh, cofounder of WaykiChain Richard Chen, CEO at SingularityNET Dr. Ben Goertzel, founder of BlockGlobe Jenny Yang, Bitnation founder Susanne Tarkowski Templehof, Ethereum Foundation researcher Vlad Zamfir, not to mention the world’s most advanced human-like robot Sophia have joined the large-scale educational gathering.

CHAIN2020 attracted an amazingly large and diverse group of participants, says Ben Goertzel,  CEO at SingularityNETand keynote speaker of the event: 

“It was great to see a wider swath of people than one gets at the usual HK blockchain events, all deeply interested in and in many cases quite knowledgeable about what blockchain has to offer various areas of industry”   

Giving a prognosis on the blockchain evolution, Ben noticed that the technology is steadily maturing and will be increasing its scope of deployment and its impact on the world, throughout 2020 and beyond.  

“Looking back, current blockchain tech will appear to us the way we now look at the Internet tech of the 1980s — i.e. I believe we have a lot of fundamental engineering and design innovations ahead of us, which will occur largely in the context of solving practical problems for those who are visionary and brave and ambitious enough to explore how the current tech can solve their problems,” says Ben Goertzel.

The event was opened by Jim Rogers – investor, traveler, author of many books, an expert in finance and the legend of Wall Street. Vlad Zamfir, the creator of the consensus protocol from the Ethereum Foundation team, joined the opening panel with Jim. Later, Jenny Yang, the founder of BlockGlobe blockchain media who moderated the panel shared her impressions: 

“I have hosted the opening panel with Jim Rogers and Vlad Zamfir, and I really enjoyed this brainstorming communication experience with them! Despite the fact that Mr Rogers and Mr Zamfir have had very different professional backgrounds, they share one thing in common—Blockchain is going to impact our lives significantly in the years to come, we need to keep learning new things to get ourselves prepared for new opportunities. This is a really important message, I hope more people can hear it and prepare ourselves well for a new decade!” –  noted Jenny Yang, adding that CHAIN2020 was “undoubtedly a precious learning opportunity” for all the participants.

David Hanson, Founder and Chairman of Hanson Robotics who presented his vision of the future robotics industry and introduced the latest version of robot Sophia, currently the most advanced humanoid AI,  to the diverse community, noted that “CHAIN2020 was a remarkable gathering”.

“I think many speakers were exceptionally good. I was humbled to be in such esteemed company. It brought together futurists and financialists, people from crypto community, banks, AI leaders… I think this sort of dialogue is very important for the future. I really appreciate the intersection of Asian culture and Western culture – it brought together people from all around the world to talk about the future impact of blockchain and other innovative technologies”, noted David Hanson.

Zoran Djikanovic, the President of the Capital Market Authority in Montenegro also pointed out to the large scale and broad reach of the CHAIN2020 conference: 

“Well-structured event, with a number of world-leading minds in the area of new technologies and their impact on society. Also, participation was enormous, which can happen only in Asia. CHAIN2020 was impressively well organized” 

After the conference Zoran Djikanovic, the President of the Capital Market Authority in Montenegro, shared his vision of the current state of global fintech scene and future changes:

“Asia is the epicenter of new technologies. Asia is leading this change and the impact will grow. AI, Blockchain, and Big-Data are changing the entire makeup and direction of the financial-service industry. The changes are first accepted in the financial world, and the impact will grow immensely”

The conference marked the beginning of the new Chinese Year, and the bright celebration and the afterparty attracted many honorable guests, famous journalists, bloggers and opinion leaders, even the co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin paid his visit to the closing reception. 

With the synergy of such scale, the event has earned the title of the “largest blockchain educational event” ever, covering not only blockchain knowledge but also AI, robotics, fintech, and other cutting edge technologies.

For more information about the event, please visit the conference webpage:  

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