Chain Imperium: Helping Blockchain Companies to Forge Influential Messages that Transform the World

The Metaverse and blockchain may be improving global society on a dramatic level, but Web3 companies face an undeniable problem: very few people outside their industry know the technology well enough to write about it effectively. “We may be tempted to think that the solution is an AI program, but while it is useful, a human writer is better,” believes Dean Kim, the founder of Chain Imperium, a blockchain development company that also offers marketing and guaranteed media placements. “At Chain Imperium, the copywriters we work with not only ‘get’ today’s tech, they are also able to judge how to present it to the rest of the world and create compelling content that transcends our industry. They are the translators who are opening up countless marketing opportunities for blockchain companies and helping them to tap into their full potential.”

Dean is a well-known consultant in the tech space and has 20 years of expertise in negotiating and executing deals in the commercial real estate, blockchain, and telecommunications industries. He is also the Founder/President of Artemis Vision, where he leads the development and communication of the company’s mission: to support the Web3 social media revolution for the people, by the people. He is a lifelong lover of technology and believes deeply that the blockchain can lead to crucial advancements for individuals at all economic levels in every country. 

Over the past few years in particular, however, as he has networked with CEOs and engineers, Dean has heard a common refrain: how can they bring their exciting message of advancement and empowerment to more people outside of the industry?

“Let’s face it: while our technology is incredible, in the hands of the wrong writer, articles about it can be a little dry,” says Dean. “To solve this, I came alongside a group of copywriters who have both the tech knowledge and writing expertise to serve as ambassadors, if you will. The result is our PR department at Chain Imperium, a one-stop shop for elevating Web3 brands.”

Chain Imperium’s guaranteed media placements include press releases, general articles, blogs, interview-style articles, and thought-leadership pieces that are published on a variety of top-tier platforms, such as Yahoo! Finance, USA Today, MarketWatch, Business Insider, ABC/CBS/NBC, and Forbes, among others. Once a client fills out a questionnaire, they are paired with a copywriter, who will provide most drafts within 3-4 business days. Once articles are approved, they are sent for publication, with live links provided to the client.

“The focus is on unique articles that promote the brand of a blockchain company and communicate its vision, accomplishments, and story,” Dean explains. “It’s awesome for all of us who work with the Metaverse and Web3 because we have always known how incredible our products are – now we can let the rest of the world know it, too.”

He invites business leaders who would like to reach a wider audience for their tech brands and develop new sales opportunities to reach out to Chain Imperium for a free consultation. “Our writers are the marketing bridge between yesterday’s Web 2.0 technology and the wonders of Web 3.0,” Dean says. “Now it’s time to see what you can really do for a world that needs your creativity and innovation.”

Chain Imperium, founded by Dean Kim, creates cutting-edge blockchain solutions for Web3 and bridges traditional software systems. For more information, please visit

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