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CGI Communications: The Go-To Specialists in Community Marketing

With over 30 years of experience and nearly 6000 community partnerships, CGI Communications are innovators in the field of community marketing throughout North America. With partnerships that bridge the public and private spheres, CGI Communications ensures both communities, businesses, and individuals directly benefit from their work.

A History of Community Spirit

CGI Communication CEO Bob Bartosiewicz has come a long way since CGI’s early days operating out of his basement in 1989. It didn’t take long before they had a legitimate office and several employees. Soon CGI and its artists were passionately creating community graphics posters, and their city “Personality Maps” began popping up in communities across the nation, garnering them a great deal of recognition. These Personality Maps are renderings of the city with landmarks, points of interest, recreational options with local businesses highlighted, and importantly the “secret sauce”– the things that make a community special.

1997 saw CGI begin their Streetscape Banner Program for small to medium-sized cities. These banners featured gorgeous artwork that enhanced the street poles they hung upon, proudly promoting the community’s local businesses.

Never ones to rest on their laurels for long, CGI’s successful eLocalLink project, launched in 2004, shone a deserving light on hundreds of beautiful municipalities throughout the nation. While 2005 saw CGI Communications CEO Bob Bartosiewicz usher in a new era for the company, all in the name of community spirit when he partnered with the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

This partnership enabled communities nationwide to tell their stories through professionally produced online videos. A partnership with the National League of Cities quickly followed, and the Community Showcase Video Program was born. This initiative allows communities to showcase their personality, their history, their people, and their business through the power of digital media.

Committed to Community

CGI Communication’s innovative marketing solutions enable local communities to position themselves for success in the modern digital world. They are committed to helping the Economic Development Organizations and Chambers of Commerce across North America promote their municipalities.

CGI invests everything they have in becoming a specialist in each community they work with. The video tours they produce stand proudly on official government websites across the continent. What better way to help cities, both small and large, promote, educate, and welcome new residents, new visitors, and new businesses.

Their efforts highlight all the personality and possibilities of a community’s homes, education, parks, businesses, and amenities. Emphasizing each community’s best qualities, promoting community engagement, and showcasing civic pride is what CGI Communication CEO Bob Bartosiewicz cares about the most.

Marketing Both Business and Community

Thanks to Next! Ad Agency, CGI’s business marketing arm, they have tens of thousands of happy private sector customers, making them friends to both local communities and businesses. CGI Communication CEO Bob Bartosiewicz believes in helping businesses grow in ways they never thought possible. They work tirelessly with their customers, and their fantastic teams make sure every penny is worth it.

CGI Communication CEO Bob Bartosiewicz and his team provide benefit after benefit for business owners across the United States. With their exceptional knowledge of modern internet marketing, social media, and reputation management, not only are their customers ecstatic when they see the results but the teams at Next! Ad Agency ensures customers also understand the results.

CGI Communication engages audiences across North America with their cost-free city  initiatives. They aim and succeed in helping municipalities throughout the United States flourish and thrive in the digital age, making the communities of today stand out as the communities of tomorrow.

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