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CFDAdvanced Review – The 11 Exclusive Features of CFDAdvanced

CFDAdvanced is a forex broker that offers a no hedging policy and a variety of accounts. It also has a contemporary social trading function that provides traders to share trades in real-time through their online trading platform to achieve their goals.

CFDAdvanced’s suite of features is designed exclusively for active players seeking market-leading technology where all aspects fit seamlessly together into one intuitive ecosystem – from advanced charting tools through powerful analytical indicators right up until your live account management interface, allowing access on-demand or at any time during the day as it suits you best. Its trading tools are very user-friendly and not difficult to understand.

Unique Features Of CFDAdvanced

It is best to go through different CFDAdvanced reviews around the internet to understand the company better. Following are the features that make this platform stand out from the rest of the trading platforms.

  • 24-hour trading

CFDAdvanced offers 24-hour online trading access through their web-based platform, which gives traders the convenience of accessing markets anytime they want to.

  • Social trading feature

The broker also offers social trading features where traders can directly share their trade ideas with other members of CFDAdvanced where they can copy these trades through a click on a button. This enables traders to learn new techniques from experienced ones, which significantly boosts their trading.

  • Private accounts

With this trading platform, all accounts have trading restrictions enabled to protect traders from themselves. If the trader makes a wrong move during their investment, their account will not trade until the trader has completed several professional training modules.

  • Social trading accounts

This feature allows traders to share their trades with other members and copy them into their CFDAdvanced accounts. This service is available for a nominal fee and provides traders with a simple approach to improve and enhance their trading expertise.

  • Access to experts

Not many CFDAdvanced reviews mention this account feature offering traders a way to work with expert traders to maximize their investment profits. It is available for regular CFD Advanced clients, and the client chooses from a list of different experts that he can work with based on his goals and investment strategies. In this type of account, the trader has access to an expert investor who can monitor his trade and help him achieve his investment goals.

  • Accessible web browser

CFDAdvanced’s trading platform is designed for easy use and accessible through a web browser and mobile apps (iOS and Android). It offers traders a user-friendly interface that is simple and does not require any special education or experience to use. All its features are effortless to understand and use, and it also offers excellent education materials for both new and experienced traders.

  • Minimum Deposit

CFDAdvanced offers low minimum deposits, making trading very accessible to new traders. They offer new traders an easy way to start, making it even easier for clients to make their first investments in the market.

  • No hedging policy

CFDAdvanced has a no hedging policy, which means that all trades are financially secured, and it gives traders a safe platform to start their investment journey.

  • Low spreads

The broker offers tight spreads between 1-2 pips, much lower than the industry standard, making CFDs a better option for day trading and active investors looking to spread their investments over several different instruments.

  • Zero Commissions

CFDAdvanced offers low spreads with no commission, so it is more profitable for the trader than other brokers that offer higher commissions and spreads on their products.

  • Multi-platform access

Traders can access the platform through their web, mobile and tablet browser and its app. This allows traders to invest on the go whenever they want.


CFDAdvanced offers its traders easy access to the world of online investment markets through an expanding network of professional service partners. Their primary purpose is to support new and experienced traders with their trading goals regardless of whether they are looking for long-term or short-term investments. They offer a wide variety of investment instruments to their traders. It can be seen through many CFDAdvanced reviews that it is an attractive choice for investors.

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