CEO of Total Life Champion – Shea Arender talks about being a “Technology Guardian”

 CEO of Total Life Champion - Shea Arender talks about being a “Technology Guardian”

In the midst of the ever growing world of technology, as we are seeing new developments, nearly every day, CEO of Total Life Champion The new (Self -Empowerment Book series) by Shea Arender and steps out of the box a bit and gives a different perspective on what we may look in the future as mental health for us tech aficionados as quoted from his first book in his series Total Life Champion – The Mastery Transcripts …

“In this modern era, technology reigns as king. Its invention has really changed the way we feel and think. From not being able to put down our mobile phones, surfing the Internet, to playing games on applications and paying bills, to using the GPS for directions, and so on and so forth. It has connected us to meaningful relationships and but that same technology can take our life down a very dark path and crash our relationships if we let it.

A Technology Guardian doesn’t try to suppress the growth of technology, but it does guard, protect, and defend our ethics and standards concerning our use of it.

Being technology savvy is definitely a good thing in our ever-growing global environment. Learning new technology can be extremely fun, or it can be very stressful. The Mental Mindset and how we view technology can make us stronger, or it can take us down a difficult road.”

A Technology Guardian understands the value of establishing their own norms and guidelines rather than relying entirely on the social rhetoric for influence. They are aware that not all of the technology advancements are good or consistent with their principles. They can make decisions that are in line with their vision of a better future by carefully assessing the effect and consequences of new technologies.

It can be quite stressful to constantly adopt a new technology and meet social standards. However, a technology guardian advises people to strike a balance between accepting development and upholding their uniqueness. They promote deliberate decision-making and exhort people to think about how technology will affect them and society in the long run. They enable people to make decisions in line with their own values and objectives by doing this.

Can we say that a Technology Guardian will strive to become more understanding in our ever-changing technology world while at the same time, setting their own standards and parameters without being influenced social rhetoric? It gives us a little food for thought here? We can make decisions everyday to make us better, stronger and more efficient. Taking time out to really embrace our success and growth without feeling the pressure of tech advancement and society.

In conclusion ,

A Technology Guardian will use technology:

  • To understand and grow their business ethically.
  • To research and understand meaningful life equations.
  • To develop building tools for creating a stronger bond with their family and close friends.

Books like these remind us to always keep a close watch on our Mental, Physical and Spiritual!

        Steve Dawson

       Associate Tech Press 

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