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CEO of Top 50 Crypto Company Spotted Accumulating Shiba Inu (SHIB) Competitor Trading Under $0.01—Should You Buy Too?

CEO of Top 50 Crypto Company Spotted Accumulating Shiba Inu (SHIB) Competitor Trading Under $0.01—Should You Buy Too?

Amidst the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, spotting trends and potential winners early can make all the difference. Recently, Marc Selkis, CEO at Messari, a prominent crypto data and market intelligence startup, made waves in the community by accumulating a relatively unknown token: Hump (HUMP). With Hump trading under $0.01 and gaining traction as a competitor to the popular Shiba Inu (SHIB) token, the question arises: should you follow the CEO’s lead and invest in this emerging meme coin? Let’s delve deeper into the world of Hump and assess its potential.

Marc Selkis’ Move: A Signal for Investors?

When a seasoned figure like Marc Selkis makes a move in the crypto space, it often catches the attention of investors and enthusiasts alike. His decision to accumulate Hump at its early stages suggests a belief in its potential for growth. As the CEO of Messari, Selkis is known for his astute understanding of market dynamics and emerging trends. His endorsement of Hump could signal a promising future for this relatively obscure token.

Unveiling Hump (HUMP): The Solana Meme Coin Making Waves

Hump (HUMP) has rapidly emerged as a contender in the meme coin space, particularly within the Solana ecosystem. With its recent listing on major platforms like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, Hump has gained visibility among crypto investors. The anticipation of further listings on centralized exchanges (CEX) adds to its allure, potentially widening its accessibility and liquidity. This astonishing growth trajectory underscores the fervent speculation surrounding Hump. Its exponential surge in value within such a brief timeframe exemplifies the heightened interest and excitement among investors. Starting from a fraction of a cent, Hump’s rapid ascent to $0.006693 signifies an unprecedented leap, drawing attention from traders seeking lucrative opportunities in the volatile crypto market. With projections hinting at a potential surge to $0.5 in the near future, the allure of Hump as a high-growth asset becomes even more enticing. A projected growth of 7370% not only captures the imagination but also amplifies the urgency for investors to capitalize on this momentum. As Hump continues to captivate the crypto community with its remarkable performance, the prospect of reaping substantial returns adds fuel to the frenzy surrounding this Solana meme coin.

Exploring Hump’s Potential

With a total supply capped at 6,900,000,000 tokens, Hump presents itself as a scarce asset within the Solana meme coin landscape. The scarcity factor, coupled with its rapid appreciation in value, positions Hump as an attractive investment opportunity for those seeking high-risk, high-reward assets. Hump’s utility and use cases within the meme community further bolster its potential. As a meme coin, Hump taps into the cultural phenomenon of internet memes, leveraging humour and virality to engage users. In an era where meme culture plays a significant role in shaping online discourse, tokens like Hump capitalize on this trend, potentially fostering a dedicated community of supporters. Moreover, Hump’s integration with the Solana blockchain provides scalability and efficiency, addressing some of the scalability concerns associated with other blockchain networks. The Solana ecosystem, known for its high throughput and low transaction fees, offers a robust infrastructure for projects like Hump to thrive.

Should You Buy a Hump?

The million-dollar question remains: should investors jump on the Hump bandwagon? With Marc Selkis’ endorsement which has provided a compelling reason to consider Hump, you shouldn’t lose the opportunity before Hump breaks out to hit the projected target at $0.8. Furthermore, it’s crucial to assess Hump’s long-term viability and sustainability beyond short-term price speculation. Factors such as community engagement, development progress, and utility within the Solana ecosystem will influence Hump’s trajectory in the months and years to come.


The crypto world is no stranger to hype and speculation, and Hump epitomizes the excitement and frenzy surrounding emerging meme coins. As investors navigate the volatile waters of cryptocurrency investments, Marc Selkis’ endorsement of Hump adds another layer of intrigue to this burgeoning token. Whether Hump becomes the next Shiba Inu or fizzles into obscurity remains to be seen. Nonetheless, the allure of potential riches in the crypto market continues to captivate investors worldwide, and Hump stands as the latest contender in this ever-evolving landscape.

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