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CEO of the LEO International Payment System and shareholder of IBOX BANK Alona Shevtsova was representing the Ukrainian fintech market at the global Money 20/20 conference in Amsterdam

On June 7-9, financial and payment market players from all around the world gathered at the large-scale Money 20/20 conference in Amsterdam. The main partners of the event were Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, American Express, Microsoft, Samsung Pay, and many other brands.

On the second day of the conference, one of the panel discussions was devoted to Ukrainian fintech companies, discussing the sustainability and complexity of working in the Ukrainian payment market during the war. The following representatives of Ukrainian fintech were delivering speeches: CEO of the LEO International Payment System and shareholder of IBOX BANK Alona Shevtsova, Maria Kolganova from NABU; Anna Tigipko from Izi Bank, Natalia Sleptsova from SportBank, and Mark Barnett as the President of Mastercard Europe.

“We talked not only about today’s realities and about working in conditions of war. We talked about the future of Ukraine and its close relations with the EU. We discussed the operation mode of European companies in Ukraine and the services of our companies for the world market. So far, it is extremely important to talk about Ukraine not only in the context of military operations, because such a stable association can reduce the number of external investments in our country’s economy. The participants of Money 20/20 in Amsterdam considered us a strong technological partner who is stable both on the battlefield and in business,” commented Alona Shevtsova.

Money 20/20 Europe in Amsterdam was visited by more than 6,000 people. More than 300 speakers performed on 6 stages. Among the main topics of the event, it is necessary to highlight the unexplored fields of financial technologies and the formation of the future of the industry in the coming years in Europe and beyond.

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