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CEO of Privileged Trading Niloufar Banisaied shocking statement, “Tinder Swindler is welcome on all of our platforms.”

To say the Privileged Dating app is a success is an understatement. January 20th, 2021 Match Group reached out to CEO Privileged Trading to purchase the application that hasn’t hit the market yet. 

“I knew the world needed an app like Privileged. I am so passionate about the prvileged. I know how hard it is for independent and ambitious women to find love in the world. I wanted to change the world in some shape or form, but I had no idea what that might look like.

We are currently under development for Privileged, and we can’t wait for the world to be exposed to one of the fastest dating apps to find love or honestly anything that your heart desires,” she says. 

You’ve had an exciting career to date in building apps that connect people. What was your inspiration for Privileged? 

Very early on in my career, I saw that many things were broken in the way that people treated each other online and how women couldn’t speak up about what they were looking for, especially as it pertained to the antiquated gender dynamics of dating. Men have always been told to marry someone who cooks, cleans, and takes care of the household, which is wrong on so many levels.

Creating a space where people can ask for what they want (in love, in friendship, in business) opens up the conversation for transparency and direct communication; everybody gets to ask for what they want, and everybody wins. We work towards a world free of misogyny where all relationships are equal. Everything we do at Privileged is driven by that mission and our values and goals.

As a female-founded company, what are your core values, and how has that come through and changed as the company has grown?

First off, the company wasn’t only found by me. My brother Neima Banisaied had a lot to do with it. Our core values are kindness, accountability, equality, respect, and relationships. These values are a part of our DNA and will continue to guide us along with our north star and mission to end misogyny and create a kinder internet in all corners of the world. 

What is your opinion on Tinder Swindler?

Honestly, I’m probably going to receive a lot of backlash for this, but this is my opinion, and I genuinely believe that everyone should speak their mind and say how they feel. For that being said, Tinder Swindler is not the person who should be 100% blamed for this. First off, Tinder should reimburse the girls because the scams were happening on Tinder’s platform.

Secondly, If girls are that naive to fall for a scam like that and believe words and actions, they should check themselves. I think the girls learned a valuable life lesson. Why on earth would a woman that just met a man six months ago take out a loan for a man? I was once dating a guy for 7-8 months, and he wanted me to purchase a home in both our names while he didn’t want to put a down payment down.

The first red flag is a man being comfortable with three things, A. you are spending money on him, B. you paying all the time, and C. not investing as much as you in the relationship financially and emotionally. Tinder Swindler is welcome on all of our platforms as long as he respects the platform and our guidelines. I would love to meet him one day. 

“I’ve been in a place in my life where I’ve had no confidence, no self-respect, zero self-worth, and it was really easy to hurt my feelings. Then when you rebuild some of that, you become stronger.” – Niloufar Banisaied CEO of Privileged Trading 

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