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CEO, Elijah Ulrich, expanding Lusate Inc. ahead of a big 2023

Lusate Inc

Under the leadership of CEO, Elijah Ulrich, Lusate Inc. which operates from its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland plans to expand its service delivery by taking a bold step to move its headquarters from Ireland to Taiwan. According to Ulrich, the move will place Lusate Inc. in a better position to enjoy the benefits of foreign business investments in Taiwan, which has a fast-growing economy, a business-friendly socio-political environment, and is a notable capitalist economy in the Asian continent.

The move will be conducted simultaneously with business expansions through the opening of branch offices in Australia and Finland. Ulrich’s decisions are strategic to strengthen the company’s foothold in the geographic global East (Asia and Australia), thereby laying the foundation for future plans towards rapid westward growth and, eventually, global relevance. Lusate Inc. also plans to collaborate with governments in the countries it expands to through the provision financial advice for public funds and assets with the aim of global economic development as a bedrock for human advancement.

Ulrich has captured the confidence of Lusate Inc.’s biggest investors and clients that range from individuals, government and non-government organisations, insurance companies, educational institutions, and business enterprises. Some major clients have expressed their support for the company expansion. This has contributed to the huge strides already taken in commencing the move to Taiwan through the acquisition an official address in a high-end commercial/business tower which is set to be announced in early 2023. The announcement will be a company milestone that sets off what is expected to be a positively vital year for Lusate Inc. 

The move and expansion for the company is considered by experts, the company, and its investors to be very timely and well-thought. It follows the global economic decline experienced since 2020 as a result of the global pandemic, conflicts in Europe, and political instabilities which has led to disruptions in supply chains and financial activities. Lusate Inc. has continuously proven its expertise in the maintenance, management, and value-growth of tangible and intangible financial assets such as real estate, bonds, commodities, equities, artwork, precious metal, and more. Holders of such assets are now taking maximum possible care in protecting their assets to be resilient against the global economy; a resilience which Lusate Inc. is best positioned to deliver.

The company operates with a high degree of professionalism through a team of trained and experienced professionals that have ideals revolving around creating financial futures and security for people across all social and income classes. Lusate Inc.’s services include asset allocation, financial statement analysis, stock selection, monitoring of existing investments, portfolio strategy and implementation, and financial planning and advisory services. The company does not simply oversee a client’s financial portfolio, but ensures that it is managed in line with the client’s aspirations and objectives.

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