CEO Brad Ahn Shows the Benefits a Professional Team Can Bring to One’s Company

Any good entrepreneur knows that reaching success can be difficult without some help, which is why so many spend countless hours putting together strong teams for their companies. Many new entrepreneurs think having people to help them means they aren’t being independent, but that’s simply not the case. One can still be self-reliant while having others around to learn from and delegate to.

For CEO and founder Brad Ahn, curating a team of experts and peers played a significant role in helping him scale his companies. Since beginning his entrepreneurial journey in 2011 with the creation of a Miami Heat-related blog, Brad has branched out his brand, now running five digital publications. Together, the brands reach over 50 million monthly impressions, which is not easy to keep up with alone.

Alongside Brad, there is the editor-in-chief who also helps run operations, the public relations manager, and the assignment editor. All of these positions within the company help to form a fantastic team of individuals who know how to get the job done.

Apart from that core group, Brad has hired more employees worldwide, including writers and editors with experience in sports journalism. Their skills allow them to generate exclusive, top-tier quality content that isn’t available on any other platform, and it has also allowed them to scale each brand to great heights.

The five sports publications Brad and his team run are Heat Nation, Lakers Daily, Cavaliers Nation, Dolphin Nation, and Ahn Fire Digital. Four brands cover a single team each, though the last mentioned focuses on all 30 NBA teams and all 32 NFL teams. With that much to pay attention to, it can be hard to provide consistent content, but that’s exactly what Brad and his team have been doing for almost a decade.

Their hard work has set them apart from the competition and gained them the title of one of the fastest-growing sports publications in the game. Many companies fight to get that kind of recognition, and it shows how far each of Brad’s brands has been scaled throughout the last decade. He’s applied the same winning formula to each of them, and it doesn’t look like he has plans of slowing down anytime soon.

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