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Cenfura Limited announces the appointment of Dr. Albert Okorogu to the position of CEO – Cenfura Nigeria.

Cenfura Ltd. is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Okorogu to the position of CEO – Cenfura Nigeria. 

An experienced business leader with a wealth of experience, particularly in the renewable energy industry, Dr. Okorogu brings the exact qualities needed to bring Cenfura forward in the ever-strengthening Nigerian energy industry.

Dr. Okorogu has over 28 years of technical and management experience spanning Alternative/Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Transmission Management and Power Generation, Energy Economics and other related industries. He served as the pioneer Chief Executive/Director General of Imo State Power & Rural Electrification Agency (I-POREA). Prior to that, he was the Executive Vice President of GreenElec Corporation, a renewable energy and utility company based in Paris, France. He also served as the Executive Director of The Niger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC) of Nigeria Limited, a Nigerian Government entity holding national power projects.

Pasi Nieminen Founder and Chairman said, “The appointment of Dr. Okorogu makes perfect sense at this point in Cenfura’s growth, and we expect he will have an immediate impact for our organization” 

In particular, Dr. Okorogu was a key strategic coordinator who conceptualized, designed, and implemented the Operation Light-up Rural Nigeria (OLRN) initiative, a Sustainable Alternative Energy Rural Electrification Program of Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Power, based primarily on solar technology, to provide affordable and reliable access to electricity of up to 1 megawatt (MW) per rural community with no connectivity to the national grid. As the National Coordinator of the Initiative, he managed the challenges of implementing Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency in Nigeria, from concepts to reality.

“Dr. Okorogu’s work across the energy and related sectors is second to none” continued Mr. Nieminen “and it is very clear that he is the right choice to lead Cenfura Nigeria”

About Cenfura 

Cenfura is a disruptive technology company enabling smart energy services by providing integrated digital payments technology into the energy sector. 

Through the use of its digital payments solutions, Cenfura provides the bridge to the digital economy. Cenfura offers its partners energy transactions that are blockchain settled to increase efficiency, security, and provide connectivity to a range of defi applications. In addition to Cenfura’s assets, our digital payments platform can be integrated by existing third-party projects as a technology overlay to provide them a stepping-stone into the digital economy.

Cenfura assets and partner assets across the globe can use the Cenfura platform. The Cenfura Digital Payment system combined with smart energy services — technology, power production, distribution, control, and digital transactions — form the core of the platform and provides the capabilities needed to deploy energy solutions globally.

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