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Cell Expansion Market -Growing trend of personalized medicine and investment in research and development

Cell Expansion

Key Factors Driving Growth of the Cell Expansion Market:

A cell expansion refers to a synthesis used for controlled loosening of an individual cell wall that would allow it to expand, stretch, and increase in area. The use of cell expansion techniques is increasing with the need for genetic mapping and therapies as well as Cell Therapy Products (CTP). Cell expansion and therapies are gaining traction in the market due to their use in the life science industry and research projects. Leading companies developing innovative and novel genetic therapy solutions to meet the requirements of users in various industries.

Key market players are focusing on using Single-Use Systems (SUS) to offer improved CTP solutions. The use of SUS helps in preventing and removing various culture contamination as well as cross contaminations. Leading companies are using SUS solutions for CTP production, which is cost-effective, and provides high cell densities.

Prominent players are focusing on developing application-specific CTP solutions for use in various industries. Several biopharmaceutical companies are also using cell expansion solutions for developing new productions and technology solutions for different treatment procedures. Key companies are also developing single-technology and alternative planar cell expansion solutions used in the production of various cellular therapies for commercial applications. However, companies prefer opting for substitutes, such as incompatible reagents and serum, for controlling the quality of products used in CTP manufacturing. In addition, some of the cell expansion techniques have a high rejection rate. These factors are expected to hamper the adoption of cell expansion solutions across industries.

Leading companies are focusing on undertaking various strategies to gain a lead in the market. Key market players are adopting strategies such as product innovation and differentiation, product launch, collaboration, and partnerships. On 1 April 2019, Lonza announced that it has launched its new product portfolio, CellBio Services. Through this strategy, the company focuses on offering a range of application-specific and customized solutions.

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