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Celesto is becoming a GameChanger for Crypto industry

The biggest and most awaited ICO of 2022 has now started. With the potential to generate up to 100X profit, this project is expected to break all records in the near future. This fundamentally strong crypto coin is built on BSC BEP20 blockchain and the next step of this token has been handed over to BSC for updates. According to experts and information on some Crypto social websites, this is the top Crypto in the ICO calendar.

When it comes to Tokenomics, this crypto has a well-distributed Tokenomics. The company’s protocol i.e. roadmap is two years and in the next two years, Celesto has the potential to create its own ecosystem to earn good profits and serve people. Due to the early completion of the roadmap period, this coin can achieve good success very quickly. Currently, the first stage of this Crypto’s ICO has just started and Celesto is giving priority to genuine buyers only and related new offers of tokens are ongoing. 

This token is in its very early stage. Currently, the price of this token is $0.001. After this stage it is impossible to get this crypto at such a low price. The full attention of big institutions and investors is focused on this crypto. After the first stage, the second stage of ICO will start, in which the prize of ICO will be increased by 10X. When it comes to ICO and the launch of Dex of this Crypto, this golden opportunity has come because the Dex launching price can reach approximately 300X of the stage one. Crypto is highly volatile which carries a lot of risk but even in the crypto industry there are projects like Celesto that keep progressing wherever the market goes. 

The Celesto’s ICO will take place over three different stages with the price of the CLT token incrementally increasing in each phase. Initially, CLT will be sold for $0.001 with prices increasing to $0.01 during phase two and ending at $0.1 during the final phase. Celesto has a 2 billion supply, with 660 million tokens being allocated to the presale.

Overall, Celesto is a powerful platform and perhaps the best upcoming ICO to invest in. With the first stage of the presale selling quickly, it’s worth checking out Celesto today to lock in a purchase at the best price possible.

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CLT will be used as a transaction token in Celesto’s upcoming and future projects.

  1. CD’X : It is a decentralized exchange, The primary and native currency of CD’X is Celesto’s CLT Token. Investors and traders will exchange digital currencies with no gas costs and settle in a matter of seconds.
  2. SDiP :  is a secured digital identity provider system running with end to end encryption. It has a strong defense against potential frauds, and it will also prevent identity theft, and uses strong authentications.
  3. Crypto SIP: Our commitment towards providing you with the most simple and secure investing experience, and grows stronger as well as develop innovative crypto solutions like crypto SIP’s. We look forward to sharing them with you in the upcoming days and growing together.
  4. Cpay : Cpay is a cryptocurrency platform offering both trading & merchant payment solutions. It does not need any third-party authentication or Api to support the transactions. To pay with cryptocurrency, users only need to scan the QR code which was provided on the web page. It charges 0.5% transaction fees for numerous transactions.
  5. CEFI : Insure your crypto with our CEFI, against any losses associated with crypto seems and cyber-attacks.
  6. CEMI: Celesto’s NFT platform to buy NFT using CLT tokens and others crypto’s.

Celesto’s generosity towards society and social work can be praise enough. Some portion of Celesto’s revenue will go for social work.

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