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Celebrities’ Favorite Food; Eat Like a Celebrity

Everyone is a gossip aunty when it comes to celebrities. Their lifestyles, fashion, relationships, past, present, everything excites almost everyone into a discussion. 

Food is another intriguing part of celebrity life. How they eat and what they eat is not just a topic of debate but also the inspiration for a lot to eat right. Eating and staying in shape as they always create a question mark; How? 

Celebrities Food Therapy

Food is therapy, and everyone has that one favorite dish after having which they forget all the tensions of the world and indulge in its goodness. And, It has become a trend that celebrities do, and people have started following it. 

There is a different spirit in the people’s minds to dress up as their favorite celebrities, to get that particular piece of cloth that one star wore in a movie scene. 

For example, Salman khan’s aviator sunglasses became famous after the movie Dabang. And so is the case of food. Virat Kohli, an Indian cricketer, once said in an interview that he loves to eat Sushi, and after that, Sushi sales in general increased from what they were earlier. People who didn’t know what Sushi was started googling the dish.

It’s a common saying that “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.” If so, let’s dive deep into the celebrity food and learn how these stars shine so bright and what they eat when they want to munch, what their favorite food is, and how we can eat like them too.

With that, now let’s know the insights of some celebrities Favorite Food!

Celebrities Favorite Food

Gigi Hadid- 

The perfect model and the forever trending style icon. She has told how she munches on her handmade pasta in many interviews. She loves to drink a lot of coffee and juice for her breakfast. Juice balances the dehydration caused by Coffee (Coffee being a dehydrating agent). Scrambled eggs and toast are also what she likes to eat. Among everything else, burgers are what she loves the most. Gigi is usually spotted munching on Chinese dishes between her shoots, and it is clear that her go-to food is Chinese food.

Joe Pesci

Joe Pesci is psychopathic gangster character in movies, who has outstanding achievements in life like winning an academy award, also has very basic food liking. He loves Italian food, and it is very clearly evident it is because he is of Italian descent.

Kareena Kapoor-

The baby doll of Bollywood. Biryani and pizza are Bebo’s favorite things to eat. She has revealed she craves pizza. She believes in eating whatever she desires and not worrying about calories. She is, an interview said it’s better to work out extra after having what you want to rather than restricting your cravings.

Kylie Jenner

 The hot sensation. She loves to eat a more healthy and balanced diet food. She loves seeds and avocados, which are both very healthy options. Sushi is also her all-time favorite and not just hers but also her daughters.

Amitabh Bachchan

 The legendary Bollywood actor worshiped by many in India. He loves Italian food and craves pizzas and garlic bread. He also loves chaats which almost every Indian craves for. Anda bhurji, plain dal, rice, and soups are also what he prefers.

Jeniffer Aniston- 

The classic sensation, the person who almost everyone has loved on-screen in sitcoms. The Rachel of friends loves lemon juice, shakes, avocados, and eggs, but tacos are the top most on her list. She is also obsessed with a taco cleanse, a tortilla-based diet that promotes weight loss and is a type of detox for the body.

Milley bobby brown- 

The young Netflix success. The stranger things icon, the Enola holmes, is just like anyone of us, The hummus craver. She calls herself a foodie, and she has not just one favorite food but many. She loves them all, from vanilla ice cream to Starbucks latte, as any other teenager does. She also loves to have yummy salads on her shooting sets.

At The End

It is effortless to eat like a celebrity; it is evident from the celebrity’s favorite foods. From teenage to older stars, from Bollywood to Hollywood, celebrities eat what they like with an open heart.

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