Cedric Kashama: Do What You Love And Love What You Do, And Success Will Follow!

The path towards success is filled with naysayers who will demotivate and discredit you at every step. However, if one can look past them and never lose sight of their goal, they will eventually reach their destination. The journey of artist Cedric Kashama was overflowing with similar kinds of people. His journey is proof that with passion and hard work, you can achieve anything. 

Cedric Kashama has worked in the three-dimensional art and design field for quite some time and has had his fair share of success. He identifies himself as someone who enjoys bringing vibrant ideas to life. Cedric is a self-taught designer who wants to follow his creative self rather than pursue trends. Cedric, a self-taught designer, has worked on future designs for TikTok and Instagram reels. Cedric prefers to follow his passion rather than chase trends for likes and validation when it comes to his work.

His quest, however, did not begin with 3D. It all began with video production. He poured his passion and mind into producing YouTube and TikTok videos. Everything seemed to go splendidly. But, gradually, he enjoyed editing the content more than being the star of his videos. It felt like he had found his calling. He was determined to master the skill of editing and quickly started hustling. As he immersed himself in the subject, he found that his passion extended beyond editing and mixing video clips. This was when 3D art and design piqued his interest. He discovered that with 3D, he could construct anything and let his imagination run wild.

With that, he put TikTok on hold and focused only on 3D. He was told he was insane to quit creating videos because he already had millions of views on TikTok. He was already a tremendous success. But he kept going. At that point, he needs funds to purchase a more powerful computer. He made the mistake of skipping class and working for Deliveroo throughout the day, while his parents were unaware. He had his back against the wall and only one solution: learn quickly and produce results before his parents discovered it. This farce lasted two months. He found himself in a difficult situation, with his parents dissatisfied and no other options. He needed to prove that he was correct to take so many risks. As a result, he continued to work for Deliveroo while also learning. Finally, he was able to save enough money to purchase the computer. 

He released his first 3D video after 5 months, which received 300,000 views. He thought there was potential at that moment, and the second video had 10 million views. With his confidence restored, he persevered and created content continuously, and today, his TikTok account has 1.4 million followers. And the rest is history.

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