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CeBioLabs’ exciting plans for 2023 – Interview with CEO Christian Tonn.

CeBioLabs is an exciting crypto startup based in Hamburg, Germany, developing blockchain-based solutions for the international CBD and cannabis market. This market is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world and will have gigantic potential for businesses in the coming years. CeBioLabs has already positioned itself in this segment since 2022 with its token “CBSL” and has many exciting developments to share. There is a lot planned for 2023 in the area of development and partnerships, which CEO Christian Tonn will elaborate on in today’s interview.

Hello Christian, thank you for your time. Can you tell us more about yourself and your role at CeBioLabs?

First of all briefly about my person. I am 36 years old and live in Hamburg, Germany. After graduating from high school, I worked for 10 years in sales for an import company, where I was the sales manager. In 2018, when the CBD boom started in Europe, I founded my own company called CeBiol. CeBiol is a wholesaler of CBD products, mainly CBD oils. The products are sold to different customers all over Europe. In 2021, I founded CeBiol Blockchain Solutions (CeBioLabs) together with a friend of mine. I am one of two shareholders and the managing director of the company.

How and when did the idea for CeBioLabs come up and when was the project born?

Through my several years of activity in the CBD and cannabis market, I also know the problems in the market. These are mainly a lack of transparency and quality deficiencies. Due to the ongoing boom, more and more providers with more and more products are entering the market, including many black sheep. Since I have been involved with the crypto market and blockchain technology for quite some time, I came up with the idea in 2021 to make the market for CBD and cannabis products more transparent by using blockchain technology. To this end, we have created a concept for various Blockchain-based systems. These have convinced not only us but also our partners, so we founded CeBiol Blockchain Technology at the end of 2021. With this, the foundation was laid and CeBioLabs was born.  

You want to connect the blockchain to the cannabis market. How would you like to achieve this? 

We have developed various blockchain-based systems and solutions for the cannabis market. The goal is to make the market more transparent and safe. One example is our CeBioLabs SCM system.  On this platform, all data about production, distribution, and sales steps are documented in detail. Only detailed documentation of correct and traceable data can ensure the quality of the end products and eliminate trust issues. Blockchain technology will be used to make this data secure and transparent for all market participants. With the blockchain data structure implemented in the CeBioLabs SCM system, all data is managed in a decentralized, traceable, and tamper-proof manner without a central instance.

What role will the CBSL token play in it?

The CBSl token will play an important role in the enterprise ecosystem. The fees for the CeBioLabs systems must be paid exclusively in CBSL tokens. The more market participants will use the systems, the greater the demand for the CBSL token will be. The CBSL token is already tradable on several crypto trading exchanges.

What does CeBioLabs offer that other projects in this area don’t?

Our blockchain-based enterprise systems, such as the CeBioLabs Supply Chain Management System, for the CBD and cannabis market, are unique worldwide. In addition, we are located in Germany and have an experienced team that has been active in the cannabis and crypto market for several years and knows the markets very well. In addition, there is legal support from lawyers in the communication with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.

Why does CeBioLabs consist of 3 companies? What are they and what added value does it add to the project?

CeBioLabs is supported by 3 German companies. CeBiol GmbH, a wholesaler of CBD products, gets views from consulting UG, consisting of software developers and crypto experts, and CeBiol Blockchain Solutions GmbH, the legal entity behind CeBioLabs. In terms of personnel and finances, we are thus very well positioned.

What are the key stages on your roadmap that you are looking forward to?

We have outlined important tasks for each quarter. The most important of these will be the development of our blockchain-based systems. With these, the company will grow strongly. Currently, we are fully adhering to our planned roadmap and are making very good progress with the development of our systems. The year 2023 will be very exciting for us, as we will launch many of our systems and solutions for this year.

What are the main accomplishments you are proud of so far and what are some mistakes you have made that you would rather not?

I am proud of our team and how far we have already come in such a short time. An important step for us was the launch of the token and the associated listing on several well-known exchanges. The CBSL token is becoming more widely known and active use in our enterprise ecosystem will increase awareness and adoption even further. We are still planning many exciting things and have a lot of partnerships to announce, which will bring an immense boost to the project and the token.

Where do you see the project in 3 years?

Our goal is to make the global CBD and Cannabis market safer and more transparent. I believe that now, in the time when cannabis is being legalized in more and more countries around the world, we have caught exactly the right moment. In addition, the huge crypto market is becoming more and more important. We want to establish the CBSL token in this market in a long term and in stable way. In 3 years, we see CeBioLabs as one of the market leaders in supply chain management in the cannabis sector, especially due to the implementation of blockchain technology. This will be accompanied by an immense level of usage, which is why CBSL’s token and market capitalization could also increase massively. We are working hard to achieve these goals.

To wrap up, can you tell where our readers can follow your project?

The CeBioLabs project can be followed on our website There we will publish all important and new information, as same as on our social media channels.  Furthermore, there will be continuous international newspaper articles about CeBioLabs.

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