CCTV Trends And Marketing Tactics


Experts believe that as many as 67% of burglaries could be prevented with video surveillance. If you’re looking for ways to increase your property’s value before putting it on the market, you should consider investing in intelligent surveillance solutions.

Keep reading to learn about the surveillance trends, innovations, and integrations that can help you build a modern and future-proof security system that will increase your property’s value and make it more marketable.

Surveillance Trends And Marketing

If you’re looking to market your property, installing surveillance could make the property more attractive. Here, we will cover some of the top CCTV trends that could increase your property’s value and make the property more secure.

Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

Cloud-based technologies are dominating the security sphere right now. Cloud-based technology facilitates more convenience and a more user-friendly experience regarding security technology.

You need to view the high-definition video feed from anywhere, not just on your desktop computer monitor. With cloud-based security cameras, you can view your surveillance data from anywhere.

Cloud-based video surveillance performs the two main functions you can expect from surveillance – it helps to provide evidence if a crime occurs on your property. It helps to deter criminals from attempting to enter the property. If a criminal knows that they are on film, they will be less likely to try to steal from your property or damage the property.

If you plan on marketing your property, then on-site cloud-based surveillance will make your property more attractive to potential buyers or tenants.

One of the significant benefits of cloud-based security technologies is their integration potential. Keep reading as we cover the integrations you should consider for your video surveillance system.

To protect your cloud-based system from interception, you should invest in cybersecurity software to ensure a third party cannot access your security camera information.

Video Surveillance Integrated With Access Control

Access control is an integral part of securing your property from intruders. Surveillance can discourage intruders from attempting to enter the property, but access control can stop them from gaining entry.

Cloud-based access control has integration potential, and you can operate it from your mobile device. So, you can lock and unlock doors or check whether your doors are locked from anywhere. You can also receive alerts when access events occur.

One of the critical vulnerabilities in an access control system is the potential for a criminal to swipe an access keycard, fob, or digital credentials and use them to enter the property. However, you can eliminate this risk by integrating access control and video surveillance technology.

By integrating video surveillance and access control, you can view access logs alongside video feed information from anywhere. If you hosted both systems on separate platforms, you would have to spend time correlating data from different sources using timestamps to resolve incidents involving stolen access keys.

With both systems integrated, and all information visible on one user-friendly interface, you can perform identity verification to ensure that all users who enter the building are authorized. If your building has high traffic, you can automate the identity verification process by integrating facial recognition software with your system.

Video Surveillance And Analytics

Video surveillance is typically used to deter criminals from entering the building or provide evidence once a crime has occurred on the property. However, with the innovation of analytics, you can use surveillance to prevent crime on your property.

Security staff and system administrators cannot monitor the video feed to spot potential security threats consistently. They have other responsibilities which will render them unavailable. Analytics software integrated with video surveillance provides consistent video feed monitoring and sends alerts when potential security risks are detected. Your security staff and system administrators will then be able to act quickly and potentially prevent a crime from occurring.

By establishing a system instrumental in preventing crime, you will make your property more secure. Consider including analytics in your property description during the marketing process.

Does Surveillance Add Value To Your Property?

Properties with fewer security vulnerabilities are worth more. The more adept your security system is, the more value this will add to your property. Some of the best security staples in your property’s security system include video surveillance, access control, and perimeter protection such as fences and gates. When marketing your property, be sure to have a detailed account of the building’s security features, including any remote capabilities of your system.


Consider investing in cloud-based surveillance technology if you’re looking for ways to create a sophisticated and modern surveillance system. With cloud-based security technology, you can build a fully-integrated and remotely operated security system to increase convenience and user-friendliness.

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