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CCNP Enarsi Course by Orhan Ergun – What Is It?

CCNP, short for Cisco Certified Network Professional, is a key component of Cisco Career Certification for professionals. There are about 8 CCNP professional certifications, and candidates also need to have entry-level certifications in order to attempt the relevant exams. 

Because entry-level certifications are a requirement, preparation with the right resources is key for clearing these professional certifications. One of the best ones is CCNP Enarsi Course by Orhan Ergun, which is favored by those who are preparing for their exams. This training module by one of the top trainers in CCNP is a comprehensive course with top features discussed below. 

The course features 

CCNP Enarsi Course by Orhan Ergun covers 300 to 401 exam topics. It comes with more than 30 hours of video training that you can watch in your own time. Most of the video training is led by Sajjad Ghaffori, a senior network instructor at, who also has several Cisco certifications. 

In addition, the 93 lessons cover multiple modules that are broken down for easy understanding. The lessons and modules are in addition to the video training, so you can cover the topics that are not available in the video format. 

This CCNP Enarsi Course covers extensive lab and theoretical perspectives in OSFP, EIGRP, VPN, BGP, Services, and infrastructure Security. You also get unlimited access to workbooks that will be invaluable in perfecting your practical skills. The provision to participate in a study group is also a great feature of this course as you can talk to instructors and interact with other students as well. 

A lifetime access feature means that once you purchase this CCNP Enarsi course, you don’t need to follow up with a subscription. Orhan Ergun also adds new content and documents to the course, and which you get instant access without additional fees. 

CCNP Enarsi Course by Orhan Ergun – Who is it for?

This CCNP training course is best suited for Network Managers, Engineers, and Solutions Architects who are in the intermediate level. You don’t need a professional certification, but a basic knowledge of VPN and routing technology is essential. 

Purpose of the course

The CCNP Enarsi Course by Orhan Ergun will help you get the complete certification so you can qualify for Cisco 300-410. After the completion of this Enarsi course, you will get a completion certificate signed by Orhan Ergun. 

Once you qualify for the 300-410 exam, you will get the Cisco Certified Specialist – EAII badge. In addition, completion of this Enarsi exam can also help you get enrollment with the CCNP Enterprise. 

Successful completion of this Enarsi exam will also recertify any of the associate degrees you have. This includes CCNA 200-301, certified cyberops associate and other associate exams from concentration exams. 

The CCNP Enarsi 300-410 course exam also gains you 40 points on the network academy for Cisco.

Medium of instruction 

The CCNP Enarsi Course by Orhan Ergun is in English – for videos as well as written instructions. 


CCNP Enarsi Course by Orhan Ergun is available worldwide, so you can purchase it from anywhere and access it anytime you want. 

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