Latest News review – How do I like the Capital Circle Group broker?

What is Capital Circle Group?
Capital Circle Group is a forex trading platform that has maintained a good name in the industry. This broker platform initiated the custom of investing in its clients. The platform recommends its clients get trained. They have a motto to help their customers learn how to become a professional trader in the industry. Their customer support team and dedicated account managers are focused on the company’s goal.
I discovered this forex trader with proper research and started working with them. Since then, I have not seen a day to worry about my asset’s security and transaction fees.
I have listed some of the incredible services of Capital Circle Group.

Is the trading platform user-friendly?
I will start my Capital Circle Group Review by discussing the trading platform of this trader. Yes, the trading platform is user-friendly and easy to use. The official website is easy to navigate, and its dark color scheme is good for late-night trading. The web-based platform feature was a treat to me as I could access the platform from all of my devices. I was not required to download additional software for the trading platform to work, which saved my phone storage space. With only an internet connection, I have performed trades on all of my devices, including my mobile phone, laptop, PC, and tablet.

What trading instruments are offered on the platform?
The Capital Circle Group provides over 200+ trading instruments, including indices, commodities, forex, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. I was offered to trade on using features such as Capital Circle Groups Portfolio Overview and the Capital Circle Groups Economic Calendar. I have provided the details of a few tools in my Capital Circle Group Review, available on the platform.
CCG Portfolio: This portfolio is a free add-on that was provided to me when I started trading with this broker. The tools allowed me to keep track of my entire CCG portfolio in one location.
CCG Economic Calendar: This calendar allowed me to access Economic News Calendar. I found this service very convenient as I was constantly updated with the latest economic events!
Technical Analysis (TA): I used this tool before starting a trade because it provided a comprehensive review of all my trades.
Unlimited Memory: This is one of my favorite tools. It gave me complete control of the market and allowed me to execute as many trades as I wanted.
Universal Tagging System: The universal tagging system allowed me to separate profitable signals from unprofitable signals. This feature signifies that you can benefit even when a trade is less likely to be profitable.

Are the account types offered suitable for every trader?
This broker has six account types. I believe the services offered with each account are perfect to suit the preferences of traders all over the world. From experienced to beginner traders, there is an account available for them to reach their financial goals. I started my journey with a Self-Managed account that required only a $250 deposit. I was provided leverages up to 100 with access to market review. Within a month, I updated my account, and to my surprise, a dedicated account manager was appointed to help me carry out trading strategies safely. Furthermore, I got to know that spreads and leverages increased with every account update.
1. Self-Managed $250+
2. Basic $5,000+
3. Gold $10,000+
4. Platinum $25,000+
5. Diamond $50,000+
6. VIP (Invitation Only)

Gold, Platinum, and Diamond account holders get special services, including prioritized withdrawals, an invitation to VIP events, risk management planning, and financial planning. I am enjoying all these services with my Diamond account. And I am hopeful I will get an invitation for a VIP account upgrade soon.

What is the role of account managers, and are they helpful?
I would like to add account managers as the most incredible service in my Capital Circle Group Review. Every account holder is provided a personal account manager after their first account update. My manager was available every time I contacted him. The manager trained me to analyze the market and put market strategies into use. He informed me about risky trades and has saved me many times from losing my money. Furthermore, my manager is the sole reason I have managed to earn generous profits in this industry. This service is very helpful, especially for inexperienced traders, as they will be guided at every step by these dedicated managers.

How the customer service help me to enhance my trading skills?
One of the most significant services I want to discuss in this Capital Circle Group Review is customer service. The support team of this forex trader is remarkable. The team was always available to answer my every query. When I started trading with this platform, I experienced some trouble adjusting, but the support helped me at every step and made me feel comfortable in a month. The team went beyond helping me with a single email from me. A live-chat option is available on the broker’s official website that provides me with instant replies in urgent situations. The customer service is available 24/5. I have contacted them via email and once called them when I could not get through things. The continuous guidance has enhanced my trading skills to a level that I have the confidence to call myself a professional forex trader.

How has the education center of the platform increased my strengths?
The education center of this broker is very impressive. The official website has free eBooks available for every customer to access. I have read almost most of the books that provided me with knowledge, from price patterns in the market to strategies to use in everyday trading. In this Capital Circle Group Review, I have listed a few eBooks this platform offers.
1. Beginners Strategies eBook
2. Capital Management eBook
3. CFDs and Stocks eBook
4. Forex eBook
5. Global Trading eBook
6. Market Analysis eBook

These eBooks are great tools to increase your strengths, the knowledge earned from these books made trading easier and enjoyable for me.

Capital Circle Group has great services offered to its clients, but during my experience, I encountered a few inconveniences that I thought I might share in this Capital Circle Group Review.

No Demo Accounts:
The first suggestion I would list in my Capital Circle Group Review would be the demo account service. This broker does not provide a demo account, which might be risky for beginners to trade their money without prior knowledge. For inexperienced traders, I believe this service will provide them with firsthand experience.

Video Tutorials:
The education material is an excellent offer that this broker has provided to its users for free. But some people might find reading books a time taking process. And it is true books require you to sit and concentrate on grasping the knowledge. However, video tutorials are different. Traders find videos interesting and easy to watch as they do not require a long sitting. I would propose the platform introduce video tutorials as well.

Limited Payment Methods:
Throughout my experience, I felt satisfied with the deposits and withdrawals on this platform. The payment methods offered by the broker include credit cards (Mastercard, Visa), E-Wallet (APM, EFT), and Wire Transfers. I have never felt any inconvenience because of these payment methods, but I would suggest in my Capital Circle Group Review, the platform add a PayPal payment service as many traders feel convenient using this method.

No Mobile App:
The unavailability of a mobile app was an inconvenience that troubled me the most. The excellent feature of the platform being web-based allowed me to trade on any device. But sometimes, I did not have access to the internet, which halted my trading. I have not encountered a serious problem or lost my assets, but I believe a mobile app service would be perfect to avoid these threats.

Limited Dialects Available on the Platform:
The services offered by this broker encouraged me to suggest the platform to my friends. I had no trouble using the platform and understanding its features available and described in English. However, for non-natives who do not speak English might see the language barrier as a problem. My friend whom I had suggested to try trading on CCG was Korean. She could not understand the working of the platforms and had to drop the option. I would propose the platform add dialects to broaden its range and attract people worldwide.

While concluding my Capital Circle Group Review, I would like to mention that Capital Circle Group is one of the known efficient brokers in the forex industry. Discussed above are all the amazing features that you desire for a broke to offer. The excellent support team and dedicated account managers add your chances to make great profits and smooth trades.
I am hopeful this Capital Circle Group review has clarified your cloudy decision to choose this broker. I would propose you opt for a decision based on comprehensive research.

Disclaimer: My review is based on self-knowledge and opinions gained through my experience and is not a recommendation.

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