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Causes of Basement Moisture and How to Fix Them

Many people associate basements with darkness and dampness. Nevertheless, you should monitor the moisture levels down there.

A high moisture level can lead to mold, mildew, and other types of biological growth, such as plants or insects. If left untreated, the conditions will deteriorate and eventually lead to rot and decay, structural damage, and untimely paint failure, as well as a variety of other health issues.

The Causes of Moisture and How To Fix It

Water Leak in the Home

As a result, your basement is overloaded with water and dampness, and this is one of the most obvious causes of the problem. Your problems are the result of a leak somewhere, and that leak is the cause of everything that is wrong with you.

The first thing to look for is anything and everything that uses regular water flow, such as a shower, a sink or a toilet that requires a regular flow of water. This does not necessarily have to be a problem with the bathroom fixtures, it could also be the washing machine, the dishwasher, or it could even be an old and broken pipe that needs to be replaced.

How To Fix It?

Follow the trail of water until you find where it originates, and if you find a large pool of water somewhere, it’s likely that the faulty appliance is close by. As a result, you should consider basement waterproofing nj to stop any current and future leaks.

Outdoor Water Accumulation

In order to create an attractive grading around your house, it is important to prepare the slope so that it faces outwards, away from it. There should be no problem with rain, sleet, snow, and everything else sliding away from your house and yard, and out onto the street.

Water will accumulate against your house if the grading isn’t right, resulting in water seeping down to the basement if the grading isn’t correct. In the event that the fill dirt surrounding your house has not been sufficiently compacted, the risk of water seepage is even higher.

How To Fix It?

As well as the obvious solution of hiring an architect to re-do your sloping, there are a few more precautionary measures you can take to ensure you never experience this situation again –

  • In order to collect rainwater, you can dig a trench along the perimeter of your house where the water can be collected.
  • The best way to prevent groundwater from flowing into your house is to line the perimeter with rocks in order to create a barricade so as to keep it from flowing in. Besides the fact that it is very functional and visually appealing, this makes for a wonderful addition to any house.

Developing Cracks In Concrete

It is not unusual for cracks to form in the foundation of a house as it settles in over time. Concrete can crack even after it has been poured just a few days ago.

When the foundation walls of the basement, which form the ceiling and external structure of the basement, crack, a lot of water will enter the basement from both the house above as well as from the inclement weather outside, which may result in a lot of damage.

Water itself can sometimes cause these cracks, however. Cracks may also be exacerbated if they already exist. When water accumulates against the building walls, hydrostatic pressure can force it into cracks and into the house.

How To Fix It?

There are some cracks that can be repaired without the help of a professional. A chisel, a mallet, patching cement, and a putty knife are all you need. You can put in some expanding cement with the blade of the putty knife.

Cracks that can’t be repaired by yourself require professional assistance.

It’s Too Humid

When it’s overly humid and you can’t expel the air, it’s bound to get very damp there. A humid environment is one where you can’t see any visible water leaks but the paint is peeling off the walls and the place smells like a swamp.

Basements tend to accumulate cold and moist air. In some cases, simply turning on an exhaust fan or moving the air around won’t make much difference.

How To Fix It?

For a basement, you need a robust dehumidifier. It may even be necessary to use two, depending on the size and severity of the humidity. The majority of the time, a good, reliable dehumidifier will completely solve the problem if there is no external leak. If there are openings in your basement, reach out to a contractor for basement waterproofing nj.

Get Help Eliminating Basement Moisture, Dampness, and Humidity

It may seem as if finding moisture in your basement is an impossible nightmare, but the good news is that there is always a solution for every problem when it comes to basement moisture. Our team at Dry Master is available to help you if you think you may need some help. We have a team of experts on hand to assist you!

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