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Cat Food Flavors Market Growth Pace Overview, Value Chain Analysis with Examine of Existing and Potential Buyer’s-2030

Today’s consumers are looking for more than natural cat foods, dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals. They focus on quality ingredients and are often willing to spend more to get them. They look for scientific claims that confirm the effectiveness of a product. 

Cat food flavor companies are taking this opportunity to understand owners’ needs and offer grain-free flavors with no preservatives or artificial colors. 

Flavor enhancers are designed to meet a cat’s preferences on many levels: smell, texture and health benefits, and taste. Because cats are picky eaters, flavor selection is prioritized based on nutritional goals and ingredient sustainability. 

Cat Food Flavors Market – Growth Constraints 

A study conducted at the University of Sydney, Mars Petcare and the WALTHAM Center of Pet Nutrition found that over time, cats learn nutrient composition and select foods for optimal fat to protein ratios, regardless of or their taste. 

Several taste-enhancing additives are used to trick cats into choosing one food over another. These food products offer less nutritional value to the formulation, this could lead to adverse effects and hinder the acceptance of Cat Food Flavors products. 

These flavored products are expensive, in addition to the price pet owners pay for pet food, they can discourage sales and hinder market growth.  

Cat Food Flavor Market – Regional Analysis 

North America and European countries are seeing an increasing demand for Cat Food Flavors due to various factors such as increased humanization, increased cat ownership, and higher per capita spending on various flavor products of cat’s food. 

Market players are targeting emerging Asia-Pacific countries where the Cat Food Flavors market will grow at a remarkable pace which is a major driver of the product market. The presence of several untapped markets due to the lower cat ownership ratio attracts global players to develop their operation in this region. 

Competitive Analysis of the Cat Food Flavors Market: 

The market for Cat Food Flavors is highly fragmented. Major players have taken various strategic initiatives, such as mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, agreements, joint ventures, expansions and new product launches to increase their presence in the global market. DIANA Pet Food and BRAIN AG, the world’s leading partner in the pet food market and a member of the Symrise Group, recently announced a strategic partnership in the science of taste. This will help increase the product offering for companies. 

Kerry Group offers food flavor customization to help customers achieve their market goals. The company focuses on organic pet food flavors and responds to growing demand from emerging economies. Party Animal’s has added three new flavors of canned cat food, specially formulated with ingredients such as antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. 

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