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Cat Dry Food Market Witnessing Impressive Growth Due To Increasing Application and Usage in Industry

The Association of American Feed Control Officials has a big influence on the cat dry food market (AAFCO). In terms of advantages, there has been a long debate about the advantages of dry cat food versus wet cat food. In terms of cost, cat dry food has the upper hand. Dry cat food is a cost-effective option that is also simple to store. Cat dry food is preferred by consumers because it can be left out for cats to eat all day. Based on age groups, the AAFCO divides the population into four categories.

Market Dynamics for Cat Dry Food in the World

Manufacturers in the cat dry food market are putting a greater emphasis on producing food that is AAFCO-certified as “complete and balanced.” This indicates that the cat dry food formula contains the proper nutrient balance to serve as the cat’s sole source of nutrition. Because cats are obligate carnivores, all cat dry food manufacturers must focus solely on meat-based meals. As a result, all certified cat dry food products fall into one of four categories: meat, byproducts, meat meal, and byproduct meal.

The AAFCO is mandated by law to monitor the sale and distribution of animal feeds and drug remedies, including cat dry food, despite the fact that it has no regulatory authority. On cat dry food labels, manufacturers must include a ‘nutritional adequacy statement,’ which clearly indicates which stage of a cat’s life the product will nutritionally satisfy.

Regional Forecasts for the Global Cat Dry Food Market

During the forecast period, the North American cat dry food market is expected to remain at the forefront of market growth. This is due to a high level of awareness among cat owners in the region about the benefits of a well-balanced pet diet. In terms of both value and volume, the Western European cat dry food market is expected to closely follow that of North America. In the coming years, the Asia-Pacific region’s cat dry food market is expected to grow significantly. However, due to a small number of cat owners and a lack of knowledge about pet foods, market growth may not be as rapid as it could be. Japan is expected to have a high penetration of cat dry food.

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