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Cast Elastomers Market will Reach Revenues Worth US$ 1.8 Billion by 2031

Cast Elastomers Market

Over the projection period, the global cast elastomer market is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 5%, from USD 1.4 billion in 2021 to USD 1.8 billion in 2026.

Over the next ten years, the global cast elastomers market is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 5%, owing to increased demand from the automotive industry.

Cast elastomers are designed elastomers with high resilience, resistance, and abrasion qualities that are widely used in the automotive and oil and gas industries. Cast elastomers have been intensively engineered for use in light weight vehicles over the previous half-decade.

Key Market Segmented Covered

  • By Type
    • Hot Cast Elastomers
    • Cold Cast Elastomers
  • By Raw Material
    • TDI-based Cast Elastomers
    • MDI-based Cast Elastomers
    • Aliphatic Cast Elastomers
    • Others (including Polyurethane and NDI-based)
  • By End-use Industry
    • Cast Elastomers for Automotive
    • Cast Elastomers for Building & Construction
    • Cast Elastomers for Industrial Process & Material Handling
    • Cast Elastomers for Mining
    • Cast Elastomers for Oil & Gas
    • Cast Elastomers for Energy & Power
    • Others (including Agriculture, Medical, and 3D Printing)

Competition in the Cast Elastomers Market

To extend penetration across profitable areas, the aforementioned businesses use a combination of organic and inorganic techniques. Product launches, collaborations with major players, partnerships, acquisitions, and the growth of regional and worldwide distribution networks are all part of these strategies.

Stepan, a multinational specialty and intermediate chemical company, is capitalising on the trend by expanding the supply chain for its STEPANPOL polyester polyols, which are used to build microcellular foams and cast elastomers.

Similarly, the Fact.MR team has kept track of recent developments involving companies that manufacture cast elastomers, which can be found in the complete report.

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