Case Study || More than 14,000 Sets of Dual-Color Temperature Dimming Power Supplies from DONE Power to Help Safety Lighting in Chai Glacier Tunnel

Case Study || More than 14,000 Sets of Dual-Color Temperature Dimming Power Supplies from DONE Power to Help Safety Lighting in Chai Glacier Tunnel

The Sichuan Jiumian Motorway, hidden in Sichuan’s breathtaking landscape, stretches across an astounding 244 kilometers. This amazing motorway begins its journey at the Qinglong Bridge that spans the Sichuan-Ganjiang border in Jiuzhaigou County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan and winds its way through the picturesque landscape before arriving at Zhangjiaping in Donglin Township, Youxian District in Mianyang City.

This large-scale project, which should be completed by the end of 2024, will likely revolutionize regional transportation. The Chai Glacial Tunnel is a part of this very project.

Project Overview

The Chai Glacial Mile Tunnel commands attention as a significant link in the sprawling Sichuan Jiumian Motorway. The left tunnel, which is 1,987 meters long, and the right tunnel, which is 1,972 meters long, make up this engineering marvel’s impressive 3,959-meter length. The tunnel’s deepest point, which plunges astonishingly 700 meters below the surface, is evidence of the complex difficulties overcome during construction.

The tunnel area stands out by its mountainous elevation, cutting a path through the stunning peaks and valleys that give the area its name. The tunnel, also referred to as a split tunnel, is a prime example of the characteristics of a mountainous highway tunnel and was specifically designed to meet the demands of the topography in the area. The Chai Glacial Mile Tunnel serves as an essential connector for the Sichuan Jiumian Motorway and offers commuters and tourists a secure and effective transportation route.

However, it needed to have the essential lighting drivers for it to fulfill its purpose.

DONE Power’s Innovations Transforming the Chai Glacier Tunnel

As the preferred supplier, DONE Power offered over 14,000 sets of dual-colour temperature-dimming power supplies to illuminate the tunnel and guarantee unmatched safety.

Being a reputable supplier of drive power for tunnel street lights, Done Power offered a wide selection of dependable and efficient outdoor waterproof power solutions. The MAS series outdoor programmable waterproof power supplies and the C-MAS series dual-color temperature dimming power supplies, which delivered unrivalled performance and toughness, took center stage in the product line-up.

The models included in the supplied power products included the following:

  • DL-30H-V58P-MAS
  • DL-75H-V38C-MAS
  • DL-75H-V58C-MAS
  • DL-100H-V38C-MAS
  • DL-150H-V38C-MAS

These power supply solutions, renowned for their exceptional dependability, stable performance, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness, effortlessly satisfied the stringent specifications of the tunnel street lights.

The MAS series, which was created especially for outdoor use, has an impressive IP67 rating and a programmable, waterproof design. These power supplies work flawlessly in all weather conditions, whether raining or shining. Users can customize the brightness of the lights to meet their unique needs due to the programmable features, encouraging energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Introducing the C-MAS series, a real game-changer in applications where adjustable color temperature lighting is necessary. The C-MAS series excels at energy conservation while ensuring comfortable and aesthetically pleasing illumination thanks to its ability to change the color temperature of the lights.

DONE Power Reliable Drive Supplies, Paving the Way for Safety and Sustainability

The Chai Glacier Tunnel is now properly illuminated thanks to the incorporation of these premium drive power supplies from DONE Power, ensuring dependable and efficient road conditions all along its length. The dependability and stability of the products guarantee long-lasting performance, creating a safe and reliable lighting environment for cars traveling through the tunnel.

Furthermore, DONE Power’s power supply products play a critical role in promoting sustainable development inside the tunnel thanks to their energy-saving and environmentally friendly features. These power supplies make a valuable contribution to society’s growing emphasis on energy efficiency and environmental preservation by lowering energy use and minimizing environmental impact.

DONE Power’s Commitment to Better Global Lighting Solutions

DONE Power has consistently been at the forefront of developments in the global lighting power supply industry, driven by the mission of creating value for customers, employees, shareholders, and society through professional expertise and quality service. The company firmly believes these power supply products will be essential in ensuring the Chai Glacier Tunnel’s safe operation and sustainable development as it opens its gates to traffic.

DONE Power demonstrates its unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence in this significant project, revolutionizing the lighting power supply industry and advancing the Sichuan Jiumian Motorway project toward a more promising future.

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