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Casadei & Another-1 Present: ‘Project NAYOM1’ – A Luxury Phygital Web3 Collectible celebrating 10 years of the Blade heel

‘Project NAYOM1’ is a collaborative phygital web3 project by Another-1 & Casadei, celebrating the 10-year anniversary of ‘The Blade’ Silhouette, which has been given a futuristic makeover and turned into an exclusive NFT collection sold alongside the 1000 pairs of limited edition ‘NAYOM1 Blade’ heels. The project launches during Milan Fashion Week (22nd of Sep, 2022) with a physical event at the Casadei Via Sant’Andrea 1, Milano flagship store and a DeCentraland Metaverse fashion experience.

Creatively directed by Casadei’s designer Ricardo Cook and artistically supported by renowned digital artist HardMetaCore, the drop takes inspiration from the futuristic aesthetics in the remake of the cult film, Blade Runner, set in a dystopian future in the year 2049. ‘Project NAOMI1’ draws influence from one of the movie’s most memorable characters, the JOi hologram, around which the ‘NAYOM1’ PFP avatars are built around in order to model their metaverse garments and futuristic Casadei heels.

The 1000 limited edition ‘NAYOM1 Blade’ physical heels are all NFC-chipped, enabling fans of Casadei to connect the real footwear to digital metaverse wearables and PFP avatars in the form of 1000 corresponding non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – merging realities to create the ultimate web3 fashion experience

By creating exclusive phygital products for an even more exclusive community of luxury digital fashion consumers, Project NAOMI1 hopes to lay the foundations that will enable Another-1 to create a dynamic community of hypebeasts, designers, brands, and resellers secured on-chain. The 1000 ‘NAYOM1 Blade’ collectors/buyers will receive:

  • Phygital Casadei NFT Collectible
  • Limited Edition Blade Physical Heels 
  • Exclusive DCL (Decentraland) Wearable
  • Unique PFP Avatar (designed by HardMetaCore)

This Casadei x Another-1 ‘Project NAOMI1’ is a statement regarding the future of fashion as much as it is a collaboration between two like-minded companies shaking up the status quo and setting new standards in the world of luxury.

About Another-1

Another-1 is the ultimate web3 luxury fashion platform built on Polygon, where users can build, collect, stake, and trade metaverse-ready digital fashion backed by NFC authenticated physical goods. By repurposing fashion products via NFTs for metaverse interoperability; Another-1 serves as a one-stop shop for a new transcending asset class that merges realities to create a dynamic ecosystem of hypebeasts, designers, brands, and resellers secured on-chain. 

About Casadei

Casadei was born in 1958 in Rimini as a shoe factory that produced sandals for the national and international markets. Cesare Casadei, son of the founders and creative director since 1994, together with his team of designers, creates his collections using raw materials made exclusively for the Maison. Casadei shoes, a true symbol of Made in Italy craftsmanship, are designer accessories with refined and seductive details.

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