Cartoonist – chairman of the Good Humor Party

Cartoonist - chairman of the Good Humor Party

The Good Humor Party was founded in Poland in 2001. It is an international organization that changes the world with a smile. The party was created by a well-known satirist, one of the fastest caricaturists in the world.

Cartoonist and caricaturist

Szczepan Sadurski has been drawing funny pictures ever since he was born. Apparently, he was born with a crayon in his hand. He made his debut in the press when he was 14 years old. He made his debut in the famous satirical magazine Szpilki on his 18th birthday. A few years later, he was the newspaper’s most frequently printed caricaturist and printed humorous drawings in the most famous newspapers in Poland.

At the age of 26, he realized his dream: he became the publisher of the humorous newspaper Dobry Humor (Good Humor). A few years later, the paper’s circulation exceeded 200,000. His press humor empire was soon established. Sadurski simultaneously published 5 magazines with humor, jokes and satire.

Good Humor Party

When the magazine Your Good Humor was on sale, Sadurski decided to create a frivolous organization. The Good Humor Party was founded in Poland, but it developed rapidly. ID cards began to be received by people from different countries of the world. Embassies – representative offices in Armenia, India, Bulgaria, the United States and other countries were established. They were created by satirists and caricaturists. Interestingly, a cheerful organization with a global reach develops without any money. No wonder, after all, the membership fee is … 3 smiles a day!

In 2012, the symbol of the organization was created. The Happy Skyscraper was first photographed during a happening in New York, in Manhattan. To date, he has been photographed in 600 cities around the world.

The fastest cartoonist Sadurski

The founder and chairman of the Good Humor Party today is mainly a caricaturist. He draws cheerful portraits at events and does it incredibly quickly. It takes him only 100 seconds to make one caricature.

Sadurski graced over half a thousand events in Poland and other European countries. He also drew in Australia and the United States. Newspapers in New York wrote that he was one of the fastest caricaturists in the world. But that was a long time ago and he didn’t draw as fast as he does now.

Currently, a documentary film is being made, the hero of which will be Sadurski. We will learn many anecdotes from the life of a famous caricaturist from Poland. We will find out how it is possible that he draws caricatures at an amazing pace.

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