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Cartoner Machine vs. Case Packer Machine: What’s the Difference?

In the intricate landscape of modern packaging lines, mastering the differences among various automatic packaging machines contributes to the best-suited equipment selection and optimal productivity. In this article, we will focus on two crucial pieces of equipment among secondary packaging machines, the cartoner machine, and the case packer machine, to clarify what they are and where you need them. 


Cartoner Machine Exploration:

  1. What is the Cartoner Machine?

Cartoner machines, also known as cartoning machines, are highly recommended for single-unit packaging, like single-bottle packaging. These machines boast a specialized mechanism for folding instruction manuals, which are later inserted into the formed box with the product. By automating the process of erecting, filling, and sealing cartons, they ensure efficient and precise product packaging. 

  1. Types of Cartoner Machines

Cartoning machines can be primarily categorized into two types: vertical and horizontal. Vertical cartoners are characterized by their vertical carton-loading orientation. They typically feature a vertical magazine where flat carton blanks are stored. Due to their gentle handling capabilities, vertical cartoners are often preferred for packaging pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and other delicate items.

Meanwhile, horizontal cartoners operate by loading products into pre-formed cartons in a horizontal orientation. These machines are versatile and efficient, making them suitable for high-speed production lines and products with uniform shapes. 


  1. Applications of Cartoner Machines

From pharmaceuticals to cosmetics, cartoner machines find their niche in industries catering to retail markets. For instance, in the pharmaceutical industry, they are extensively utilized for packaging medications, vitamins, and other healthcare products. 

A versatile pharmaceutical cartoning machine can handle diverse packaging formats, including bottles, blister packs, vials, and ampoules, offering precise product placement, leaflet insertion, and secondary packaging options. 


Case Packer Exploration:

  1. What is the Case Packer Machine?

Case packer machines, also called case packing machines, are ideal for multi-item packaging, making them well-suited for bulk packaging. In cases where instruction manuals are included, a specialized mechanism attaches the manual to each bottle before they are packed into the case. This way, it ensures important information accompanies the product. 

  1. Types of Case Packer Machines

Case packing machines come in diverse options. For instance, top-load case packers load products into cases from the top, making them suitable for stable and easily stackable products. Side-load types pack products into cases from the side, which is ideal for larger, heavier items or those with irregular shapes. There are also wrap-around case packers that form cases around the products, providing a snug fit and extra protection during transportation. 



  1. Applications of Case Packer Machines

In industries with high-volume demands, case packer machines are superb as they can eliminate the need for individual packaging materials and reduce costs associated with manual labor and material wastage. 

Take the cosmetics and personal care industry, for example. Case packing machines can be employed to pack bottles, jars, tubes, and boxes of cosmetics, skincare products, hair care products, and toiletries. 


Where You Can Explore for More

The ongoing advancement and evolving needs have led to a dynamic world of cartoner and case packer machines. To illustrate, the former can be classified into semi-automatic and automatic machines based on whether manual intervention is required. Meanwhile, the latter has more than the three mentioned types, such as bottom-load case packers. 

The key to enabling you to catch up with the latest changes is to collaborate with a great ally who can offer what you need for optimal productivity. Here, we are stepping into the professional domain of Pharmapack

Boasting 400+ patents, this company offers one-stop service systems, supplying almost all you need for a packaging line with customization available. Regarding cartoner machines, its existing models cover intermittent motion and continuous options, while for case packer machines, horizontal and vertical types are available. They are ready to address your packing needs, especially single-bottle and multi-bottle packaging. 



While cartoner and case packer machines share the common goal of packaging perfection, their differences distinguish them as indispensable components in their respective fields. Whether navigating the complexities of single-piece packaging or orchestrating the symphony of multi-piece packaging, Pharmapack’s machinery delivers unrivalled performance and quality. 

In fact, its packaging lines have been trusted by 50+ renowned clients, including Abbott, MARS, and P&G. They enjoy the convenience facilitated by Pharmapack’s sales network in more than 30 countries. If you are interested, you may contact them for more information.

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