Carings Cats: Providing Shelter for 60 Million Homeless Cats and More

Suppose you get a chance to make a handsome amount of money without investing a fortune. Wouldn’t your grab this golden opportunity with both hands? Moreover, if you hear that this scheme would help stray cats get a home, you may feel more enthusiastic about becoming a part of the project. After all, you feel for these animals and want them to lead better lives. So now, when you are getting a chance to serve them, why not give it a try? This is precisely the plan that Caring Cats wants to execute. 

Caring for cats

It’s one thing to have a cat at home. You take care of your feline buddy and do your best to give her a happy life. But what about the stray cats in your neighborhood? Most people don’t even care whether they get food or not. Taking care of them is a different ball game altogether. Caring Cats is there to make a difference in the lives of these cats. The founders want to raise donations to provide shelter to over 60 million homeless cats.

Surprisingly, various animal welfare organizations raise billions of dollars every year, but thousands of stray cats are still roaming around in cities. Caring Cats is not just planning to provide shelter to so many cats; it also wants to work with animal welfare organizations that have the same goal. Together, they can make this world a better place for homeless animals and finally lower the rate of animal cruelty worldwide.

What’s in it for you?

Caring for cats is fine, but as a hardcore investor, you may think of making some money out of this deal. Sure, you love animals and may want to donate a few bucks, but what next? That’s where Caring Cats makes its strategy interesting. If you invest in the Caring Cats NFTs, you will enjoy three benefits: first of all, you know that your money will go towards animal welfare. Your contribution may change the lives of hundreds of cats alone.

Secondly, you will earn 10% of the total amount that the organization raises. That means you can make a significant amount of money just by investing in the NFT. You don’t even have to think about selling your token or exchanging it. That is another extra avenue to make money later. The longer you hold your NFT, the higher its price may rise in the future. Then, you can sell it at a handsome amount of profit. 

Thirdly, you get voting rights as an NFT holder. You can interact with the founders of Caring Cats, share your plans about how to better deal with homeless cats, listen to the suggestions of other NFT holders within the community, and finally vote on decisions that the founders want to make. 

Caring Cats is not just an NFT that only takes care of homeless cats; it also gives enough incentives to enthusiastic investors to stay with them for years to provide high returns and provide shelter to millions of feline friends.

You can mint it on presale opening from 28 march, 2022 to 31 March 2022. Follow their Twitter for more information.

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