CarGuard Trevor Smith Helps Texas Drivers Protect Their Vehicles and Bank Accounts

The vehicle service contract industry is taking off recently, as more and more vehicle owners realize just how expensive it can be to keep new and previously owned vehicles on the road – especially in the event of unexpected emergencies, breakdowns, and general wear and tear.

At the same time, not all service contracts are created equally.

Some contracts offer complete and comprehensive coverage at sky-high price points, whereas others tend to offer cut-rate coverage at discounted prices. Both turn out to be poor values.

The CEO of one of the most popular vehicle service contract companies in Texas, CarGuard Trevor Smith, is intent on delivering smarter vehicle service contracts to customers.

Looking to hit that “Goldilocks” level of coverage where you aren’t sacrificing protection for a better price point (all while not spending a small fortune on service contracts at the same time), CarGuard customers are in the best of hands with Smith at the wheel.

Protection Plans Tailored for Each Driver

With multiple different protection plans available, each completely custom tailored for every individual driver/customer, it’s impossible to work with CarGuard Trevor Smith and his team and not come away with a lot of value.

Some drivers opt for prepaid maintenance protection, others look to take advantage of payment protection for their vehicles, and others still are only interested in protecting the more expensive to repair components on their vehicle, like the powertrain.

Of course, CarGuard Trevor Smith and the team at this company also provide Gold coverage and Platinum coverage for those that want something a little more comprehensive.

At the end of the day, there’s guaranteed to be a plan from this company to fit your needs and budget perfectly.

Pricing Plans for Everyone

A big part of the success that CarGuard Trevor Smith tenure as CEO has been marked by is the intelligent pricing for these plans.

All of these Texas vehicle service contracts are attractively priced to not only entice drivers to take advantage of this savvy investment, but also to avoid paying a lot of extra out-of-pocket for protection plans that may not ever be taken advantage of.

Again, CarGuard finds a way to hit that sweet spot right in the middle between protection and price.

Drivers get a lot of peace of mind and a lot of confidence that they wouldn’t have had otherwise, all while enjoying protection that guarantees they won’t have to empty their bank account to cover an automotive emergency.

Rock Solid Reputation for Quality Results

At the end of the day, though, even the best vehicle service contracts wouldn’t be worth the paper they were printed on if the company wasn’t able to deliver real, consistent, and reliable results.

CarGuard Trevor Smith and the team at this company assure customers they’ll never have to worry about that, though!

With a sterling silver reputation throughout Texas as one of the few vehicle service contract teams that can be trusted, drivers are in the best of hands with this company.

Everyone is treated like family, everyone is treated with respect, and everyone is able to take advantage of the protection they have invested in with their hard-earned money – something that the CEO Trevor Smith makes sure happens every day!

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