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Cardtonic Trading App Plays An Ace For Gifters

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As we leave another festive season in the rearview, millions of people will have shiny new gift cards received from loved ones.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, almost 50% more gift cards were purchased in 2020 than in any previous year.  While it may be the case that it’s the thought that counts, not all of these gift cards are welcomed – in fact, each year, a staggering $3 billion worth of gift cards go unused by the recipients.  These days, it is possible to purchase gift cards that may be used at numerous outlets, but many people still choose to buy a card that can only be used at a particular store, which can present problems for the recipient due to location and time restraints.  The Cardtonic Trading App has been created to cut down on the massive amount of money wasted every year on these cards. 

Time’s a-wasting

Although most gift cards have a typical shelf life of between two and five years, many go to waste for several reasons, including disinterest, lost cards, and the recipient merely forgetting about their gift until it’s too late.  In most cases, the expiry date of a card can be extended, but, unfortunately, lots of gift recipients are not aware of this.  Additionally, even when the recipient uses a gift card, there is often a balance remaining on the menu, which is discarded because the amount is not enough to purchase with  Once the expiry date on a card is reached, unspent funds will revert to the retailer meaning that both the giver and the receiver lose out.  When large swathes of the world’s population are being forced to tighten their belts, this kind of waste is shocking, to say the least, and is one which the giver can often ill-afford.  

Set store by the Cardtonic Trading App

Every gift card would be gratefully received and used promptly in an ideal world, but this is not always the case with the best will in the world.  Cardtonic offers a solution for gift card holders with its online trading platform for gift cards in Nigeria.  Using state of the art payment systems, the Cardtonic Trading App allows cardholders to sell their gift cards online and receive instant payments to avoid wasting a gift and seeing the giver’s hard-earned cash falling back into the clutches of the retailer.  The platform, which is available for Android, iOS, and web browser, promises current average market prices for unwanted cards through its mobile app and website and accepts cards and vouchers from a wide range of outlets, including Amazon, iTunes, Apple Store, eBay, and many more. 

While the platform doesn’t, of course, guarantee that cardholders will receive the whole amount of the card’s balance, it offers a viable way of recouping costs and avoiding waste through its no-fee encrypted and professionally audited exchange system. 

Hold the phone

As we continue our journey through these turbulent times, we welcome mobile apps like the Cardtonic Trading App, which help stretch budgets that little bit further and put an end to unnecessary waste when it comes to unwanted gift cards. 

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