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Cardano Metaverse Project Cardalonia Shares Development Updates


Last April, Cardalonia, a Cardano-based metaverse project announced the launching of its project. Since then, it has consistently lived up to its promises as outlined in its roadmap.

The development team has successfully delivered a non-custodial staking vault where users can stake their $LONIA tokens in exchange for rewards while the tokens safely remain in their wallets. The staking vault and Cardano stake pools share a similar mode of operation.

ADA handle is integrated into the staking vault to make it easier for $LONIA token holders to display their ADA handle addresses.

Presently, Cardalonia has recorded over 160 stakers staking their tokens in exchange for passive rewards in $LONIA. They have staked over 3.3 million tokens already.

The Cardalonia team has continued with their development tasks, undaunted by the market crash. Currently, they are working on free NFT drops exclusively for their token’s stakers.

Fractal Music NFT: Cardalonia Theme Song

Not done yet, the team is currently working on a third-party metaverse project for $LONIA token stakers. The offer is exclusively for stakers who have ADA handles that will come in handy for creating and personalizing their custom avatars.

The game trader is due for release after the presale kicks off a couple of days after the completion of the current seed round.

The entire unsold tokens will be relocated into a treasury where the stakers’ community can vote on whether tokens will be distributed to the community via stake pool offerings or should be burnt, an expression of their governance powers.

Interested parties are invited to the ongoing $LONIA token seed sale and acquire the token at a discount before the pre-sale via this link:


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