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Cardano Gem ADA Demon Announces The Private Sale Of Its Native Token, $AGONY

After a successful launch and having received amazing feedback from the gaming community across the globe, ADA Demon, an immersive Play-to-Earn game, is hosting the Private Sale of its native token, $AGONY, starting today. And just like the game, $AGONY is going to be a success owing to market-oriented tokenomics governing it that either bypass or eliminates the commonly encountered problems.

This is your chance to be among the first to get $AGONY, a token all set to revolutionize the industry. Be an early adopter and stand a chance to gain high returns since this is the first time $AGONY is up for grabs. Once the token is listed on exchanges and starts trading, the value will increase and so will your ROI. 

The total supply is of $AGONY is capped at 5,000,000,000, and 10% of it is available during the Private Seed Sale. Also, one thing to be remembered is that the purchase can only be made through the $ADA token, and the minimum and maximum amount users can invest to acquire $AGONY is set at 5000 $ADA and 35,000 $ADA tokens respectively. It is to ensure fairness since ADA Demon is a community-owned platform, and the token holders have a fair say in the future of the project. The more tokens users hold, the more say they have!

Here’s how to buy the $AGONY token during the Private Seed Sale:

  1. Purchase $ADA on any Cryptocurrency exchange, such as Binance, and then transfer these to one of the Cardano native wallets, such as Yoroi, Adalite, or Daedulus.
  2. Go to the ADA Demon Private Seed Sale page and copy the address provided by clicking on the Copy Address button.
  3. Next, deposit the desired number of $ADA tokens to acquire $AGONY. Do not forget that the minimum and maximum limits here are set at 5,000 $ADA and 35,000 $ADA respectively. 
  4. Refresh the wallet, and the $AGONY tokens will appear.

During the Private Seed Sale, 1 $ADA token translates into 300 $AGONY tokens. So, purchasing 3000 $AGONY tokens would require 10 $ADA tokens. The process is simple, and it shouldn’t take much time, even if you are new to this.

Also, do not send $ADA straight to the Private Seed Sale address from Binance, Coinbase, or any other exchange wallet. It has to be a Cardano native wallet.

Benefits of holding the $AGONY Token

Along with the market-oriented tokenomics in place, the $AGONY token employs several beneficial protocols that not just increase its value in the long run, but also reward users for their participation.

Auto-burn mechanism: In this, a certain number of $AGONY tokens will be burnt periodically, thus leading to an increase in the value of the remaining ones. It is done to quickly diminish the supply of the token, and many successful cryptocurrencies employ the auto-burn mechanism.

Staking: Staking is a protocol where investors deposit their current $AGONY tokens in a pool that is used by the blockchain to verify transactions. And in return, investors earn a small amount regularly for staking their tokens. It is one of the sought-after methods to receive a passive income.

De-Fi Loans: Though several platforms let users benefit from the two options listed earlier, ADA Demon is one of the first few to offer De-Fi Loans. In this, investors will be able to lend their current tokens to others and earn interest on the loaned amount. This will also benefit the borrowers since Credit History is not considered here, and anyone can take a loan by providing their digital assets as collateral.

Decide the future of ADA Demon: ADA Demon is a community-owned platform that works on the principles of Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO). Once the tokens are distributed amongst the investors, it would be the token holders who approve changes to the platform through voting along with the option to propose one. Voting power here directly depends on the number of tokens you have staked. So, the more tokens you stake, the higher your say in the voting process. Also, the members who propose, review, or vote on changes will receive additional rewards in the form of $AGONY to compensate for their time and effort.

About ADA Demon

ADA Demon is one of the most exciting games ever developed. It brings a relatively unexplored genre and caters to a user base that has largely been ignored until now. By offering thrilling gameplay coupled with a lucrative reward system, ADA Demon has already created a storm, and it doesn’t seem to die down anytime soon.

Players start as ghosts stuck in the fields of Asphodel and have to find their way out. To do that, they will have to overcome several challenges and form alliances to defeat monsters. Also, the region is divided into various zones, with the more difficult ones offering higher rewards. Every player has a different strategy and skillset, so register now to find out whether it would be best to venture alone or form a guild.

You can also purchase digital assets from the platform’s native marketplace to quickly increase your in-game progress. Players can also use the $AGONY token to upgrade their character, buy land, or survive on the challenging levels in ADA Demon. 

Also, seed investors who initially purchase the $AGONY tokens will easily get the Monster Ticket Pass, an NFT that will unlock premium levels in the game. The pass will also help users access the Metaverse, interact with other players on the platform, have a tour, or even go on a date. The possibilities are limitless! 

Besides, there are several challenges that require acquiring specific weapons from the marketplace. These tasks would be the ones that offer maximum rewards. But before you purchase an asset from the marketplace, identify if the rewards you can earn with it exceed the investment. Also, users can challenge each other and those who secure the top ranks on the leaderboard would receive additional rewards.

Given the tokenomics governing it, the token’s value is bound to increase in the coming days which makes it a perfect choice to invest in. Don’t miss this chance and purchase the $AGONY token in the Private Seed Sale right away. 

To find out all about ADA Demon, visit the official website

$AGONY Token Sale: 

Also, follow it on all social channels to stay updated with the latest developments and releases.








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