Cardano DeFi Hub – Gears up for a Public Sale has been making significant strides lately, with the successful launch of our second product on the mainnet. Now, we offer both a DEX and P2P-Lending services on a single platform. The team has also introduced a Profit-Sharing module, which will go live shortly after the public sale wraps up. Currently, it’s undergoing an audit, and once finalized, the full potential of the CERRA token will be unleashed. Token holders will then be entitled to 100% of the ADA profits generated by the platform.

All of this has been achieved during the period of 8 months, where we mostly bootstrapped all development, marketing activities and audits. Showing the true dedication by the team to the Cardano Community.

Public Sale Details


Date: 12.00 UTC June 11th, 2024

CERRA Tokens Allocated: 10M (20% of the total supply)

Sale Type: Prorata

Total Raise Goal: 8M ADA

CERRA Price if the Goal is reached: 0.8 ADA

Sale Duration: 48h

Token Distribution: Airdropped After the Event Completion, refunds and referral rewards also Airdropped post event

Token Utility

iven that CERRA utility token holders are actual owners of the platform, they are incentivized to actively utilize and advocate for the platform. This active engagement directly enhances the value of their tokens. Entities holding a substantial portion of the total token supply are motivated to invest in and enhance the platform, thereby increasing returns not only for themselves but also for the wider community.

Staking – Stake your $CERRA tokens, receive a proportional amount of 100% of platform profits. By staking $CERRA tokens, holders can earn a share of the platform’s profits proportional to the amount of tokens they have staked. This incentivizes long-term holding and active participation in the platform’s success.

DAO voting – Allocate your $CERRA tokens and contribute to development and operational direction. Token holders have the power to influence the future of the platform by participating in DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) voting. By allocating their tokens, they can have a say in key decisions regarding the development and operation of

Farming – Provide liquidity to AMM Pools / Lending Pools / Derivatives and receive $CERRA incentives. Token holders can also engage in farming by providing liquidity to various pools, such as AMM (Automated Market Maker) Pools, Lending Pools, or Derivatives. In return for their contribution to the liquidity ecosystem, they can earn additional $CERRA incentives.

Governance – Propose or vote on certain platform features, upgrades, resource allocation and more. $CERRA token holders play a crucial role in platform governance. They can actively propose or vote on specific features, upgrades, and resource allocation decisions. This ensures that the platform evolves in a direction that aligns with the interests of the token holding community.

Referral System

Each community member can become a CERRA token sale referral. Once a wallet is connected, an automatic referral code is generated. After sharing the code with your friends, and they participate in the event, you receive a commission, equal to 10% of their contribution, paid in CERRA tokens.

Mark the date and we’ll be waiting for you on June 11th! | Discord | Website

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