Cardano Debuts New Hydra Version, Polkadot Dips, Everlodge Appeals with Its Future 20x Projected Price Increase

Everlodge Appeals with Its Future 20x Projected Price Increase

Cardano (ADA) recently made waves among crypto circles by releasing a new Hydra version. However, this did not deliver on the expectations for a price hike. Polkadot (DOT) dipped in value and did not meet the demands of buyers, which has resulted in further stagnation. Also, there’s Everlodge (ELDG), which is getting far more attention as a direct result, with some analysts projecting a 20x price climb.


  • Cardano to climb to $0.37 after Hydra release
  • Polkadot to reach $6.64 despite market downtrend
  • Everlodge to spike by 20x

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Cardano (ADA) Debuts New Hydra Version

The Cardano (ADA) crypto is bullish for the long term as long as it holds the $0.26 support. The price is currently near the demand zone; as a direct result, a short-term pullback rally is possible. Moreover, Cardano trades below the downward-sloping 50-day and even the 200-day EMA. 

This showcases a downtrend, but this could potentially change with the new Hydra version. It provides code optimizations to enhance its on-chain performance and security. 

Moreover, it provides other functionalities to the Cardano network and will enable the operation of new API endpoints. According to projections, the Cardano price prediction puts it at $0.37 by the end of the year. 

Polkadot (DOT) Dips in Value

The Polkadot (DOT) crypto has begun to dip in value and trades at around $4.45. During the past 30 days, however, it has declined, and investors were initially worried about the future of Polkadot. 

However, technical indicators suggest a possible trend reversal for the Polkadot price. The crypto trades below the 50-day and 200-day SMA, showcasing that the asset’s short and long-term bearish price momentum is a possibility. Moreover, the MACD trades below the signal line and has red histogram bars, which denotes a bearish market sentiment.

When we combine the following technical indicators, we can see that there is a long-term bullish market outlook, but traders need to consider other indications as well before making an investment decision. According to the Polkadot price prediction, it can reach $6.64 by the end of the year. 

Everlodge (ELDG) Projected to Grow by 20x

Aside from Cardano and Polkadot, massive attention has been drawn to Everlodge. It’s on a trajectory towards becoming the largest luxury property investment platform. It uses a novel approach that democratizes entry into the industry with as little as $100.

The Everlodge platform combines blockchain technology and implements an innovative NFT approach. Properties are minted as NFTs. Subsequently, each NFT is then fractionalized. This enables investors the opportunity to own a fraction of a property whilst also managing their ownership remotely.

Alongside the Everlodge marketplace, there’s the Launchpad. It offers developers an opportunity to crowdfund any venture and, as a result, gain massive ROI through their early-entry advantage. At the core of the project is the ELDG token

It is used in the Rewards Club to let users access complimentary stays across the available luxurious properties. In addition, anyone can stake the token to get passive income.During Stage 1, it’s offered at $0.012. At Stage 2, it will spike by 33% to $0.016, and at launch, analysts project a 20x climb.

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